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Although surgery and other trauma treatment in medicine is now a highly developed skill, I will never trust the establishment medical system in the area of treating infectious and degenerative diseases. The profit-driven system controlling hospitals and most doctors is diametrically opposed to cheap, natural herbs and methods that support the body’s abilities to heal. Yet doctors tend to display excessive confidence and arrogance about prescribing dangerous drugs for every ailment known to man. They are not only ignorant about most preventative nutrition, they and the insurance companies that drive procedures are hostile toward natural remedies even as their drug-based protocols have become downright dangerous. Rigid enforcement of these dangerous protocols upon doctors and hospitals has corrupted doctors with monetary incentives and threats to their careers that turns them in abject yes-men to the controllers of establishment medicine, the CDC, the FDA and the AMA. This yesmanship under the exaggerated Covid threat (despite having over 99.5% survival rate) has taken doctors and hospitals into a whole new level of collusion with the criminal conduct of big pharma pushing these “vaccines” on the whole population. Few doctors have the courage to stand up to this system. For example, the few scientific minds left at the CDC have admitted to the fatal flaws of the PCR test, and recommended against its use, but they ultimately allowed the recommendation to keep using it, despite the totally unreliable results. The only alternative, they say, is full genome spectrum analyses which are very expensive and time consuming. Those at the top aren’t discouraging it because it continues to justify the false narrative of masks, lockdowns and vaccines over every “surge” in Covid variants, which the test can’t even determine. to receive a one-time free copy of this briefing, click on Request a Sample on the left.

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