Roger Mansell, Assoc Editor, Mansell Publications said it well: "Stinnett's Day of Deceit is, without a doubt, the most important book ever written about World War II. His spectacular research effort, in the now declassified intelligence files preceding Pearl Harbor, reveals an evil that corrupts Washington to this day. Every premise, every assumption, every statement by military and political leaders-nearly every "fact"- about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are now proven to be lies. Stinnett proves that FDR and other leaders were actually tracking the Japanese fleet across the Pacific- right up to the moment of attack. They were fully aware the purpose of the fleet was to attack Pearl Harbor."

More importantly, Stinnett uncovered a detailed 8-point plan to provoke Japan into the attack, adding another link in the chain of proof that government insiders use provocations and war to manipulate changes in the balance of world affairs. Overall, he has provided a body of evidence so compelling that all but the most die-hard FDR apologists will finally be forced to concede the truth--that our own government set us up for war. But what is sad is that so few can see the deception while it is occurring. Most, like Stinnett, have to wait 50 years till there are enough security leaks to put the pieces together. Incredibly, even those who finally see the perfidy of FDR�s "day that will live in infamy" fail to see the extensions of those same conspiracies and deception still going on.

Stinnett is one of those who fail to see that Pearl Harbor was not unique--that the same patterns of deceit persist today. In his introduction, Stinnett not only fails to be outraged by the material he uncovers , he goes to some lengths to excuse FDR's sacrificing the lives of more than 2,000 Americans in Hawaii, in order to "save the world for Democracy."

That wasn't FDR's motive at all. The pattern of events surrounding the strange prosecution of the war in both Europe and the Pacific paints an entirely different picture (unless one carefully understands the insider�s definition of "democracy"--a global massing of ignorant, manipulated majorities for the purpose of undermining US constitutional protections of true fundamental rights). There were many secret US/British maneuvers executed during WWII to ensure a Soviet victory over Eastern Europe, the transfer of atom bomb technology to Russia, the forcible return of unwilling Soviet "expatriates" to Stalin (Operation Keelhaul) and the shifting of valuable military supplies from MacArthur to Russia in the Far East (that came back at us in Korea). All of these actions, and many many more, point to a much broader plot to use Hegelian "create your own enemy" tactics designed to keep the world in constant conflict, inexorably leading to a destruction of national sovereignty and the dominance of a global "peacekeeping" regime--a process that continues today.

Stinnett can be partially excused for his naivet�. Just as the Pearl Harbor plot was a carefully crafted secret, so is this larger, over-arching plot. Ironically, Stinnett served under Lt. George Bush during WWII, who was later to become the prime insider president using the Gulf War to facilitate a giant leap forward in the New World Order strategy. Despite the author�s weak conclusions, you should all have a copy of this book in your personal library. It�s a major part of the puzzle on conspiracy in government that may help convince others to look deeper.