This Week in the World Affairs Brief


One of my pet peeves at this season of Thanksgiving is the habitual prayers of unthinking Christians who continue to thank the Lord for “the free country in which we live.” Just because we can still go to Church doesn’t mean we are still free. The Deep State and its minions in government have assumed the full range of illicit powers over the vast majority of citizens—they simply refrain from exercising them in drastic ways, not wishing to alert everyone that the constitutional limits on government power no longer exist, as exemplified by the horrendous treatment of Jan 6th Trump supporters who are still kept in miserable conditions in the DC gulag. That said, on a personal level, we all still have much to be thankful for. Those of us who live and eat right still enjoy good health. Most of us still have some income coming in and food on the table despite the growing shortages. And, if you have taught your children to listen and obey the promptings of conscience, you still have relative peace at home and stability. If your children have grown and still follow these principles they will also have elements of peace within their homes. We must never neglect to let God know how much we appreciate these blessings, despite the ever-increasing large-scale threats that loom ahead. I choose, rather, to thank the Lord for the few remaining freedoms we have left, including the right to a trial by jury that just saved Kyle Rittenhouse from a lifetime in prison. To receive a one-time sample copy of this brief, click on Request a Sample on the left.

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