This Week in the World Affairs Brief


All of Trump’s high profile pardons this week went to swamp creatures, highlighting the principle reason why he has failed to “drain the swamp” as promised in his election bid. The problem is that Trump has no experience with the conservative world and has to rely on his Deep State advisors to present him with names to nominate for high government positions. The latest instance of this is his nomination of Richard Grenell, an openly gay ambassador to Germany and a Deep State operative, to be the acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Of course, if Trump really did nominate a true conservative, the controlled media, Democratic Congressmen, and his own bureaucracy fight him tooth and nail and none would ever be confirmed. When the media and Congress go along with nominees who are part of the Deep State, they pass with little or no opposition and Trump ads it to his list of bragging rights for “successes” in his administration, without realizing he is adding dirty water to the swamp of globalist conspiracy into which this nation is slowly sinking. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

  • Coronavirus Begins to Impact Global Economy
  • Senate Restricts Trump’s War Powers Against Iran
  • Jury Nullification Goes on Appeal
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