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On Saturday July 13th, a young man with a rifle attempted to kill former President Trump shortly after he started speaking to supporters at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. We now know the 20 year-old shooter, Thomas Crooks, had become a “suspicious person” to the security almost an hour before he climbed onto the roof of a building just outside the venue grounds where he ultimately fired his shots. Crooks initially went in to the venue where he was screened by a metal detector and was found in possession of a handheld laser rangefinder, but was not detained. He later went back out of the rally venue to retrieve a backpack from his van. He then began to survey the police presence outside of the venue, and spied on the counter-sniper teams on the roof with his rangefinder. The secret service snipers saw this and radioed to keep an eye on him around 20 minutes before. All of this leads to the obvious question of “why he wasn’t apprehended or at least questioned before the attempt on Trump?” A host of theories are circulating online from both sides of the political divide about who could have been behind this. This week I’ll discuss the relevant details including the early encounters between police and Crooks, and specifically address whether or not all this points to government collusion and a coverup or if it could have happened without a deep-state conspiracy. To receive a free one-time copy of the Brief with options on how to subscribe, click on Request a sample on the left.

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Daily News

'The Whole Building Shook': Houthis' Tel Aviv Drone Strike Kills 1, Hospitalizes 8


No alarms were sounded. This latest Israel Defense Forces (IDF) failure promises to heighten Israelis' sense of vulnerability that persists nine months after the stunning Oct. 7 Hamas invasion of southern Israel. Following the attack, the IDF said it had elevated air patrols to bolster defenses. While it wasn't struck, a branch office of the US embassy was described as just 100 meters away from the blast.

Israeli Jets Strike Houthi-Controlled Port City Following Tel Aviv Drone Attack


Mario Nawfal on X points out that Israel destroyed Yemen's main port: Israeli airstrikes on Hodeidah port reportedly killed dozens and crippled the Houthis' ability to unload containers. Hodeidah port is a crucial lifeline for Yemen, handling 70% of the country's imports, including vital humanitarian aid. This strategic blow aims to disrupt supplies and intensify pressure on Yemen.

Trump Shooter Flew Drone Over Rally Site Just Hours Before Event


According to data from the drone, Crooks -- who's said to have been highly intelligent and tech-savvy -- flew it on a pre-programmed path, an official who'd been briefed on the investigation told the New York Times. The Secret Service typically bans drone flights at secured sites; NBC News reports it's unclear if such a prohibition was imposed at the rally. Conversely, the Secret Service usually requests FAA permission to deploy drones in restricted airspace such as the Trump rally, but did not on this occasion, according to the Times.

Bangladesh Riots Force Government To Cut Internet Nationwide As Chaos Erupts


Zunaid Ahmed Palak, the country's junior telecommunications minister, told AFP News that the nationwide shutdown of the country's mobile internet network began on Thursday. He said the shutdown was to "ensure the security of citizens." Around 1245 ET, internet observatory Netblocks wrote in a post on X that Bangladesh "is now in the midst of a near-total national internet shutdown." "The new measure follows earlier efforts to throttle social media and restrict mobile data services, and comes amid reports of rising deaths at student protests," Netblocks said.

YouTube Tightens Stranglehold On Firearms Content - Blocks All Gun Related Sponsors


That is to say, YouTube tried to crush these channels by removing cash incentives. That didn't work because gun channels adapted and found their own outside sponsors. So, YouTube is doubling down and denying them the option of getting ad money from any gun associated sponsor. And apparently, what constitutes a "gun sponsor" is up to the discretion of Google. The channels will still be allowed to post content, however, making any money while doing so will be increasingly difficult. Videos posted after June 18th that include gun-related sponsors will be removed and the channel will receive a strike. Strikes can lead to the cancellation of the entire channel.

Georgia Democrats Move to Block Kennedy and Others in the Name of Saving Democracy

Jonathan Turley

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party insist that “Democracy is on the ballot” this election. While some of us have challenged that hyperbolic claim, one thing that may not be on the ballot is choice, if the defenders of Democracy have anything to say about it. Georgia Democrats have joined counterparts in other states to prevent citizens from being able to vote third-party candidates.

CNN Admits Trump On Course For Landslide Win


here are viable paths to get him as high as 330, which means you can take some states away, Jake, and he would still get to 270.” “Donald Trump, on the first night of his convention, and Democratic people who are studying the data closely say it keeps getting worse for the president. Donald Trump opened his convention tonight in a commanding position in this race, period,” the analyst concluded.

High-Tech American Weapons Work Against Russia—Until They Don’t


The Excalibur artillery round performed wonders when it was introduced into the Ukrainian battlefield in the summer of 2022. Guided by GPS, the shells hit Russian tanks and artillery with surgical precision, as drones overhead filmed the resulting fireballs. That didn’t last. Within weeks, the Russian army started to adapt, using its formidable electronic warfare capabilities. It managed to interfere with the GPS guidance and fuzes, so that the shells would either go astray, fail to detonate, or both.

Pentagon keeps commitment to Sentinel nuclear missile as costs balloon

Defense News

Even a “reasonably modified” version of the Northrop Grumman-made Sentinel will likely cost $140.9 billion, 81% more than the program’s original cost estimate of $77.7 billion, the Pentagon said in a statement. If Sentinel continues on its current path without being modified, the likely cost will be about $160 billion, it said.

Trump Picks J.D. Vance As Running Mate


"After lengthy deliberation and thought, and considering the tremendous talents of many others, I have decided that the person best suited to assume the position of Vice President of the United States is Senator J.D. Vance of the Great State of Ohio," Trump posted on Truth Social.

Biden Finally Gives RFK Jr. Secret Service Protection


48 hours after a 'deluded gunman' with no internet footprint tried to assassinate Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally from a nearby rooftop that should have been a layup for the Secret Service, the Biden administration is finally giving Secret Service protection to Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Former CDC Director Says FDA Underreported Adverse Side Effects of COVID Injections to Prevent Vaccine Hesitancy

American Greatness

Dr. Robert Redfield, the former director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pushed a false “safe and effective” COVID vaccine narrative by underreporting adverse events. The mRNA shots “never should have been mandated,” Redfield told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Thursday.

Thomas Matthew Crooks ID’d as gunman who shot Trump during Pa. rally

NY Post

The gunman who attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump Saturday was identified as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, sources told The Post. ....The shooter made one singular $15 donation to the liberal ActBlue political action committee on January 20, 2021 — Biden’s Inauguration Day, the Intercept reported.

Moped-Mounted Crime Soars: Migrants Bring Third World Tactic To USA


Open-border advocates love to tell you that "diversity is our strength." Unfortunately, illegal immigrants flooding into the United States are diversifying the criminal threats Americans face on city streets, exposing them to a tactic widely used across Latin America but rarely seen here -- until now. Latin Americans -- and US followers of Phoenix, Arizona-based Active Self Protection's popular YouTube channel -- are quite familiar with attacks carried out by two criminals riding a single moped or dirt bike -- a modus operandi that facilitates both surprise and a quick getaway. Sometimes the criminals don't even dismount. In other instances, one or both may get off the ride. Regardless, they frequently wield deadly weapons to compel their prey to part with valuables.

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