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Joe Biden’s declining mental and physical capacity is on display almost every time he goes out in public, unless he is carefully hyped up on drugs to keep him on track, which doesn’t last long. Republicans are amazed that the establishment appears set on running Joe Biden again, and most high-level Democrats still expect him to be replaced at some point before or at the democrats’ convention. I think that the Powers That Be (PTB) have let this go on far too long, at the risk of extreme embarrassment, not only to this falsely elected president and his ego, but to the Democrat Party itself if they change candidates so close to the election. Biden is now the laughing stock of this nation (and the world) and so is the party that backs him. Perhaps the PTB are just showing their supreme arrogance in their ability to steal this election by running a man with one foot in the grave. This week, I’ll start off by discussing how the Democrats might deal with a senile leader. To receive a free one-time sample of the brief with options on how to subscribe, click on Request a Sample on the left.

  • Democrats Push for Drafting Women
  • The Title IX Rebellion is Growing
  • End of the Petro Dollar?

Daily News

Trump Seeks Recusal of New York Civil Fraud Judge Who Fined Him $454 Million

The Epoch Times

In his comments to NBC, Mr. Bailey claimed that the judge asked him “a lot of questions” and he “gave him everything I knew.” He added, “He had a lot of questions, you know about certain cases. We went over it.” The judge has not publicly responded to Mr. Bailey’s specific claims. No witnesses have confirmed the lawyer’s allegations about the conversation.

Watch: Gavin Newsom's Oakland, California Transformed Into Warzone On Juneteenth


Dramatic footage has surfaced on X showing a Juneteenth celebration in Oakland, California, which was transformed into a warzone in the overnight hours. What appears to be gang-on-gang violence sparked an insane shootout on city streets. In a state governed by radical leftist Gavin Newsom, where common sense law and order are seemingly absent, such scenes are becoming more frequent. This incident further exemplifies why people and businesses continue to flee to safer, red states.

The Problem with Juneteenth

The Mises Institute

libertarians have a consistent, principled, and ongoing opposition to slavery in all its forms and degrees. The abolition of chattel slavery was a major triumph for human liberty that’s worth commemorating. But we have a lot further to go—thanks in no small part to those most aggressively celebrating today.

DOJ Charges Texas Doctor Who Exposed ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care for Minors

The Epoch Times

The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Monday unsealed an indictment against Dr. Eithan Haim, who last year leaked evidence of cross-sex hormone procedures being performed at a Texas hospital despite the facility claiming to have halted them, with the surgeon facing four felony counts for alleged violations of a medical-records law that could land him in prison for up to 10 years.

Putin & Kim Sign Pact Vowing Mutual Defense If Attacked


The Russian delegation flew in with a huge entourage which included no less than five Russian government Il-76 cargo planes which had parked at the capital's airport since at least Monday. The whole visit has been a huge red carpet and extravagant occasion, as AP described: "Kim met Putin at the airport, where the two shook hands, hugged twice and rode together in a limousine.

North Korea Reportedly Sending Shipments Of 5 Million Artillery Shells To Russia


To put this in perspective, the US has sent only 300,000 artillery shells to Ukraine (most of them maintained since the 1980s in a reserve stockpile meant for Israel) and is straining to meet a manufacturing quota of 100,000 shells per month by 2025. The disparity between the production of armaments between NATO and Russia (and its allies) has proven to be immense. From artillery to armor to ammunition, NATO simply cannot keep up.

No Charges in Deadly ATF Arkansas Home Raid

The Epoch Times

The ATF had obtained a warrant to search his home for guns and evidence. The agency believed that Mr. Malinowski was selling guns without a $200 Federal Firearms License and without asking buyers for the proper information. According to an affidavit of probable cause, some of the guns that he had sold were recovered during the commission of a crime, although the crimes didn’t involve the direct use of guns. It’s unclear why the ATF didn’t contact Mr. Malinowski at his workplace or during normal waking hours.

Military Draft Coming? House Passes Measure To Automatically Register Men For Selective Service


This means that all able-bodied males in the country age 18-26 could potentially be drafted in the scenario of a future war declaration by Congress. The selection would be based on information from Federal databases. While there has been a Selective Service program in effect for decades, it has long previously only been voluntary, but this new amendment will make registration automatic. The merely 'voluntary' system had been in effect since 1980 - but critics have said that leaving it up for young men to decide for themselves whether to register has resulted in a weak and ineffective system with not enough numbers

Federal Judge Overturns ATF ‘Pistol Brace’ Rule

The Epoch Times

In a 12-page decision issued on June 13, U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor ruled that the ATF’s rule that treated roughly 99 percent of pistols fitted with the braces as short-barreled rifles violated the Administrative Procedures Act’s procedural requirements because it was not a “logical outgrowth” of the proposed version of the rule.

Florida Supreme Court Sides with DeSantis Over Removal of Soros-Backed Prosecutor

American Greatness

“The practices and policies of her office have allowed murderers, other violent offenders, and dangerous drug traffickers to receive extremely reduced sentences and escape the full consequences of their criminal conduct. In some cases, these offenders have evaded incarceration altogether,” the governor said shortly after her firing. “State Attorney Worrel’s practices undermine Florida law and endanger the safety, security, and welfare of the communities that Ms. Worrell was elected to serve.” When she was first elected in 2020, Worrel’s campaign was supported by Our Vote Our Voice, a left-wing group that had received $1 million from Democracy Now, a far-left group supported by George Soros. Our Vote Our Voice subsequently spent $1.5 million in support of Worrel’s campaign.

Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Released Despite FBI Resistance

Real Clear Wire

The school murderer was transgender, and her diary reveals a suicidal left-winger who hated whites. The FBI expressed concern that the release of the diary from a transgender person could lead the public “to dismiss the attacker as mentally ill,” which would “further permeate the false narrative that the majority of attackers are mentally ill.” It worried that the diary could “potentially inflam[e] the public.”

Alex Jones Ordered To Liquidate Personal Assets, But Infowars Lives To Fight Another Day


In his ruling, US Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Lopez said that Sandy Hook families can pursue claims against Jones in state court without forcing Free Speech Systems into bankruptcy. "The right call is to dismiss this case," said Lopez, giving Infowars a lifeline. "I think remaining assets can be resolved outside of a bankruptcy forum." As for Jones' personal bankruptcy, he had agreed to convert it into a Chapter 7 liquidation last week.

"Remarkably Lopsided": NYT Bestseller Bias Laid Bare


The report also notes a specific case involving Alex Jones. Despite Jones' ranking as the second-place bestselling author in America in 2022 according to Bookscan, his book was never included in the NYT bestseller list. Yeah, it’s fake — Elon Musk

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