This Week in the World Affairs Brief


In the past two weeks leading up to this crucial 2020 election enough revelations have surfaced to prove that Joe Biden and his family are neck deep in the worst moral, political and financial corruption there is, even on-par with the incredible moral failings of the Clintons—only the Bidens are not as careful about hiding them. Joe Biden and his career should sink into the abyss of shame and disgrace but instead is allowed to continue thanks to the largest mass censorship ever recorded in the dark history of the mainstream media. The only exception has been the NY Post and Tucker Carlson who sat down with the Biden family’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, to set the record straight about Joe Biden’s direct involvement in Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with the Chinese energy company CEFC. The Chinese themselves leaked hidden camera video recordings of Hunter Biden’s sadistic pedophile past while in China, demonstrating how compromised the son of Joe Biden has become and subject to Chinese blackmail. To receive a one-time free sample copy email editor at

  • How will the Biden Scandal Play Out in the Election?
  • The Covid Divide Gets Wider
  • Vaccine Dangers Make Front Page News
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