This Week in the World Affairs Brief


As the Syrian Army, backed by Russian air power and cruise missiles, begins attacking US-backed terrorists in their last remaining stronghold in Idlib province, the rebels are busy pre-filming a chlorine gas attack which they intend to falsely blame on the Assad regime. President Trump has ignorantly followed his advisors’ false intelligence briefings, and set the stage for US intervention in Syria by warning President Assad not to use chemical weapons on civilians. As US-backed terrorists have already suffered heavy losses under the Syrian army’s armored thrusts into the Hama district, they desperately need the intervention of the US military to save them from getting pushed out of Syria entirely. This long-planned false flag chemical attack will be their weapon of choice to achieve US intervention—which the Deep State is planning right along with the rebels. Russia has tried to prevent this false use of chlorine gas by publishing their own intelligence documenting rebel preparations to create the chemical attack. But, so far, the US is showing no signs of backing down. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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