This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Even as new protests emerge and a small minority of unvaccinated employees band together to fight for their jobs, as I covered last week, the handwriting is on the wall—the courts are not supporting legal challenges to the mandates, and companies are not backing down. In fact, they are getting more aggressive about enforcing the vaccine mandate and preparing to fire those who refuse the Covid vaccines, or make life so difficult for them, that they either cave or quit. It’s hard to believe that hospitals are willing to even shut down certain operations due to lack of personnel rather than relent to the requests for accommodating exceptions. There is a powerful and evil agenda behind these mRNA vaccines that is driving the threats and relentless pressure on everyone to comply. I see no end in sight to this pressure. All of these coming job losses add to the enforced slowdown in the economy, which will provide multiple avenues for the globalists to enforce their “solutions” for the Great Reset upon us. I don’t detect even a hint of remorse in the media or corporate CEOs for the mandate’s role in the shortages and mass resignations that are occurring—so committed are they, either wittingly or blindly to the global game plan. To receive a free one-time sample of the brief, click on Request a Sample on the left

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