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Analyzing candidates is almost just an academic exercise now that the Deep State has shown the depth of their control over who gets nominated, considering manipulated media coverage, skewed polling, and eventually (and most importantly) electronic intervention in voting computer tabulation. Putting that aside for the moment, this week I’ll discuss the various candidates running for the Republican opposition nominee and I will cover Robert F. Kennedy Jr too who, although a nominal Democrat, is an important candidate to consider because he has the most experience fighting the medical conspiracy within the Deep State and is hated by the leadership of his own party. That puts him in opposition to the Deep State too. The Powers that Be (PTB) are still running Joe Biden for president, as if to show off the power they have consolidated over elections and the media after their embarrassing miscalculation in the defeat of Hillary Clinton. I estimate their usual 10-15% vote fraud simply wasn’t enough to overcome American’s massive turnout demanding the kind of deep change which Trump promised. If unpopular Biden with his huge policy mistakes, a deteriorating country, his personal age and apparent dementia and the mounting evidence of corruption swirling around his son Hunter (and the “Big Guy” Joe Biden), it will prove that the playing field is already so skewed that only those meeting the PTB’s approval will ever win a presidential election. To receive a free one-time copy of the Brief, click on Request a Sample on the left.

  • Woke Companies and Organizations Getting More Obstinate
  • Biggest Injustice Yet in the Rigged Jan. 6th Trials
  • The Pandemic May be Over but the Threat Remains

Daily News

No risk, no reward: Doctors paid massive bonuses to push experimental jabs on children

May 28, 2023
The pressure to meet vaccination targets could lead to doctors dismissing safety concerns and removing uncooperative families from their practices. In addition to incentivizing doctors, patients were also offered rewards like food vouchers and gift cards to encourage COVID vaccination. — Dr Mercola

First COVID Vaccine Injury Lawsuit in U.S. Targets U.S. Government, Social Media Giants

May 28, 2023
Five people injured by COVID-19 vaccines, along with a father whose 16-year-old son died from vaccine-induced cardiac arrest, are suing the Biden administration and top U.S. public health officials for allegedly colluding with social media companies to censor their stories. — Children's Health Defense

Good for Pfizer: Biden Nominates Bertagnolli for NIH Director

May 28, 2023
The Investment Watch Blog reports, “From 2015 through 2021, Bertagnolli received more than 116 grants from Pfizer, totaling $290.8 million. This amount made up 89% of all her research grants,” according to Open Payments Data. Janssen, Seagen, and AstraZeneca also contributed mightily. 2020 and 2021 payments are shown below: — Uncover DC

Fluoride Lawsuit Against EPA: Alleged Corruption, Shocking Under Oath Federal Statements

May 28, 2023
A groundbreaking federal lawsuit could ban fluoride from drinking water, overturning a decades-long program aimed at preventing cavities that has been challenged by mounting evidence of harm. The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Toxic Substances Control Act in 2017, and it appears to be nearing its conclusion. Under the act, citizens can challenge the EPA in court when the agency rejects a petition to ban or regulate a toxic substance. The FAN’s suit is the first in the 44-year history of the act to actually get to trial. — The Epoch Times

Briefing on Jan. 6 Pipe Bomb Investigation Following Whistleblower Disclosures Regarding Suspect

May 28, 2023
One former FBI assistant director observed, “[i]t just doesn’t add up . . . [t]here’s just too much to work with to not know who this guy is.” — American Greatness

Sex Traffickers Are Victimizing Children All Across The US

May 28, 2023
Many are unaware that child sex trafficking is a growing problem in the United States, regarding it as an issue occurring in other countries. But the reality is that this problem happens every day—close to home—in big cities, small towns, and rural areas in every state. — ZeroHedge

Serbia Orders Troops To Border, 'High State Of Alert,' Over Kosovo Clashes

May 28, 2023
Serbs staying out of the election, a boycott which also had the backing of the Serbian government, resulted in ethnic Albanian mayors moving in. The new clashes were sparked when Kosovo police tried to install the new mayors and Serbs blocked access to the buildings. — ZeroHedge

Obama Judge Sentences Oath Keepers Founder To 18 Years Prison In J6 'Sedition' Case

May 28, 2023
They didn't bring rifles -- they were unarmed -- and they didn't take part in an "insurrection" -- everyone left the Capitol after just a few hours -- but apparently that's not relevant to the case. The fact they legally brought some weapons to Virginia and left them in a hotel was proof enough of their "seditious conspiracy," according to Mehta. — Information Liberation

Legislation To Block Biden's ATF Rule Stalls As Millions Set To Become Felons Overnight

May 28, 2023
Most Americans are unaware that a new rule from President Biden's ATF is less than one week away from turning millions of fellow citizens into felons overnight. The new rule targets firearms that utilize a brace, a device originally designed to aid disabled veterans in shooting guns without assistance. These braces were approved for sale and use by ATF themselves. An estimated 40 million of these firearms are owned by law-abiding citizens. Those citizens, unless aware of the ATF's rule change, will become felons on June 1st – unless the House votes on H. J. Res. 44 to overturn the ban using the Congressional Review Act. — Gun Owners of America

Germany’s Growing List Of Bans: Next Up: Wood Stoves And Heating With Wood

May 27, 2023
The latest crackdown on human comfort is the German Socialist/Green federal government’s calling into question the future of wood stoves and pellet heating systems. As gas prices skyrocketed, many German households opted for wood heat using firewood or pellets. But that option for heat has since become environmentally controversial. Today a delivery time for a wood stove is over one year in many cases. Firewood prices have skyrocketed as well. — Watts Up with That

Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

May 26, 2023
Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender. They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace. These are just a few of the policies outlined in the company handbook, dated January 2021, a copy of which was shared with The Daily Signal. Fox also offers to help employees come up with a “Workplace Transition Plan” to ease their gender transition at work. — The Daily Signal

Biden DOJ Formally Shut Down Clinton Foundation “Investigation” in August 2021 – FBI Destroyed All Evidence!

May 26, 2023
However, Joe Biden’s Justice Department formally shut down the Clinton Foundation investigation in August of 2021 after the FBI suddenly dropped their probes. “In August 2021, the F.B.I. received what is known as a declination memo from prosecutors and as a result considered the matter closed.” the New York Times reported. And all the evidence is forever destroyed! — The Gateway Pundit

Society Commentary 11 Defensive Gun Uses Show How Lawful Gun Owners ‘Get It Right’

May 26, 2023
Almost every major study has found that Americans use their firearms in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times annually, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has acknowledged. In 2021, the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the issue concluded that roughly 1.6 million defensive gun uses occur in the United States every year. For this reason, The Daily Signal publishes a monthly article highlighting some of the previous month’s many news stories on defensive gun use that you may have missed—or that might not have made it to the national spotlight in the first place. (Read other accounts here from past months and years. You also may follow @DailyDGU on Twitter for daily highlights of recent defensive gun uses.) — The Daily Signal

Backlash & Boycott-Calls Hit North Face After Ad Featuring Drag Queen Inviting Everyone To 'Come Out'

May 26, 2023
Commenters on the video were mixed. One person said, "Did you learn nothing from Budweiser?" — ZeroHedge

"Terrified Of A Bud Light Situation": Target Pulls Pride Month Products In Certain Stores Amid Boycott Calls

May 26, 2023
Taking another page out of the Tranheuser Bush playbook, Target is already getting the blowback treatment, with the uber-woke socialist tabloid Business Insider reporting that after Target abruptly removed Pride month feature displays from dozens of stores in Southern states, has "frustrated and alienated" the company's (handful of ) LGBTQ workers who "spoke anonymously for fear of professional consequences as they are not authorized to speak to the media, but Insider verified their identities and employment." — ZeroHedge

LinkedIn Censors Presidential Candidate Who Says Fossil Fuels 'Required For Prosperity'

May 26, 2023
LinkedIn, whose founder Reid Hoffman funded a 'Russian bot' hoax against GOP candidate Roy Moore & underwrote Trump accuser E. Jean Carrol's lawsuit, has locked the account of GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy for expressing "fact-based views as a presidential candidate about climate policy and Biden’s relationships with China." — ZeroHedge

Mexico Deploys 1000s Of Troops As Popocatépetl Volcano Rumbles, Millions Warned Of Possible Evacuation

May 26, 2023
Popocatepetl volcano has been blanketing towns with ash and disrupting flights at Mexico City's airport this week. Authorities are preparing for the possible evacuation of millions of people as thousands of troops were deployed to the region, according to NPR News. — ZeroHedge

Iran Shows Off New Ballistic Missile Capable Of Hitting Israel With Large Payload

May 26, 2023
Against this backdrop and the recent conflict in Gaza, Israeli officials have this week warned the military could take "action" against Iran's advancing nuclear program: — ZeroHedge

COVID Vaccine-Injured Sue Biden Administration Over Censorship

May 25, 2023
“Through threats, pressure, inducement, and coercion, Defendants now work in concert with social media companies to censor content the government deems ‘disinformation,’ ‘misinformation,’ and ‘malinformation’—a feat that the government could never lawfully accomplish alone,” the 124-page suit, filed in U.S. court in southern Texas, states. — The Epoch Times

Taibbi: My Crazy IRS Case

May 25, 2023
When the IRS checks to see if you have a carry permit and visits your home, at a time when they owe you money, it’s time to worry. — Racket News

Wagner Chief Reveals 20,000 Of His Fighters Killed At Bakhmut, Says Putin's War Has Backfired

May 25, 2023
Prigozhin said in the interview which was published late Tuesday, "Throughout the [entire combat] operation, I recruited 50,000 prisoners, of which about 20% died. Exactly the same number died as those who signed up through a contract." He described that an equal number of the Wagner deceased at Bakhmut had signed up with the St. Petersburg-based firm through regular means, or had already long been under contract. — ZeroHedge

3 Arrested Russian Scientists Accused Of Handing Hypersonic Missile Secrets To China

May 25, 2023
A week ago, just as Ukraine was claiming to have shot down Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, three top Russian scientists who've reportedly worked on the country's hypersonic program were arrested on suspicion of treason. — ZeroHedge

"Show Me Where I Got My Science Wrong!": Pres Hopeful RFK Jr. Debates Krystal Ball Over Vaccines

May 24, 2023
2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has lots of opinions that differ with both the Democratic party, which he is a member of, and what the narrative in the mainstream media is blanketing the country with. — Zerohedge

Lawmakers Want Answers On NIH Trans Kids Study That Led To Two Suicides

May 24, 2023
Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate have demanded answers from the National Institutes of Health over a two year study involving prescribing gender changing hormones to hundreds of children, as it emerged that two of the ‘youths’ ended up killing themselves. — Summit News

Saboteurs Mount Large Attack On Russia's Belgorod, Leaving At Least 8 Wounded

May 24, 2023
As a result of the fighting, the population living in area villages have been evacuated. "The situation remains extremely tense. A sabotage and reconnaissance group, the Ministry of Defense and all law enforcement agencies have entered the territory to carry out combat missions to protect our country,” Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov said in a televised address. — Zerohedge

Russia Issues Dire Warning After US Approves Ukrainian Strikes On Crimea

May 24, 2023
This was in response to an earlier weekend statement by US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to CNN. He said while speaking from the G7 summit in Japan over the weekend, “we have not placed limitations on Ukraine being able to strike on its territory… What we’ve said is that we won't enable Ukraine with US-systems to attack Russia. And we believe Crimea is Ukraine.” — Zerohedge

Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Scrap Last Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia

May 24, 2023
Moscow suspended participation in New START but is still complying with the limits set by the treaty [...or so they say, no independent inspectors are allowed to verify all of Russia's arsenal] —

China Bans Micron As Supplier Over 'Major National Security Risk'

May 24, 2023
On Sunday, the Cyberspace Administration of China said that Micron failed a national security review, and that its products contain "significant security risks" that would affect national security. The agency has warned operators of key Chinese information infrastructure (telecom firms and state-owned banks in particular) against purchasing Micron products. — Zerohedge

China Dominates The World's Biggest Steel Producers

May 24, 2023
Almost three decades later in 1996, China had successively overtaken Russia, the U.S., and Japan to become the top steel-producing nation with 101 million tonnes of steel produced that year. The early 2000s marked a period of rapid growth for China, with consistent double-digit percentage increases in steel production each year. — Zerohedge

US Preparing for Ukraine War to Become a Frozen Conflict

May 20, 2023
US officials have been discussing the possibility, including potential options for where to draw the lines for a frozen conflict that either side would agree not to cross. The report said the idea of freezing the fighting could be a “politically palatable long-term result.” —

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