Canadian investigative reporter William Thomas has uncovered, through tenacious and prodigious research, some answers to the mysterious chemtrail issue.�Chemtrails� are chemical laden vapor trails dispersed at high altitudes by US military tanker aircraft and by some private aircraft under top-secret contracts with the US government. A draft version of Thomas� report can be read online at don�t agree with everything Thomas writes or speculates about, but I will summarize his conclusions and share my analysis of what I think is well founded.


The chemtrail phenomenon has been observed for many years in different parts of the US as well as in other allied nations.These chemtrails are primarily characterized by thick trails of white vapor, which persist for long periods of time, gradually dispersing to cover wide areas of the sky.Let�s review some of the major differences between these chemical vapor trails and the normal, harmless condensation trails (�contrails�) often emitted by aircraft.There are several critical distinguishing characteristics between these two types of emissions:


1)Chemtrails often occur at altitudes and in environmental conditions where normal contrails cannot and do not occur.According to NOAA meteorologist Thomas Schlatter, quoted in the article, �At temperatures lower than approx-40 deg Fcontrails almost always form, regardless of relative humidity. The higher the ambient temperature, the less likely that contrails will form. At temperatures above -40 degrees F, contrails are not expected. The persistence of contrails depends upon temperature, relative humidity, and the vigor of mixing between the exhaust plume and the ambient air. At low temperatures, with high humidity, and with stable temperature stratification (which inhibits vertical mixing of the air), contrails persist for many hours."Chemtrails also occur at altitudes where contrails occur and thus the two are mixed.


2)Chemtrails persist for many hours and spread out continuously until wide areas of the sky are covered.Contrails spread out only slightly and evaporate within 10 seconds to several hours, depending on the upper air humidity and temperature.Contrails can persist under exceptional circumstances, so this is not a definitive criteria.


3) Contrails are always pure white and don�t exhibit much halo effect.Chemtrails have an oily glint to them, with pronounced rainbow-like color effects (reddish or pinkish tint) as the sun shines through.Some of the best photographic evidence of chemtrails is found at


4) Contrails are composed of water vapor combined with a small amount of residue from burned jet fuel.�� Analysis of chemtrail residues, in contrast, claims to have uncovered a variety of chemicals and other substances, including barium, aluminum oxide, microscopic fibers and oil-based products, none of which are intrinsic to normal jet fuel.


5)Contrails exit directly behind the engines of the aircraft, which produce the moisture.Thus, aircraft will exhibit only 1, 2, 3, or 4 distinct condensation trails, each trailing an engine.Chemtrails, in contrast, are expelled from multiple ports along the entire wing surface, not directly in line with the engines.�� Once again, see the pictures on photos are perhaps the most definitive of all chemtrail evidence. Some debunkers use cropped photos of high-G manuevers which gives off aerodynamic condensation from the wing--as a supposed explanation to wing emitted chemtrails.But this is bogus.Aerodynamic condensation doesn�t occur in straight and level flight and never leaves a long contrail.It also shows up within inches of the wing trailing edge, unlike chemtrail spraying.��


6)Contrails cannot be shut on and off at will, nor abruptly, as witnesses have seen in numerous sightings of chemical spraying by aircraft.I personally have seen this type of on/off spraying in Utah by two military tankers flying in loose formation.When numerous witnesses called KSL--TV in Salt Lake City to investigate, KSL dutifully parroted the government�s official response:that the aircraft was a government contractor flying a Lear jet and doing experiments on ice crystal formation.Baloney!As one of those witnesses, and an experienced pilot, I can tell you those two huge military tanker aircraft were not tiny Lear jets.The government is lying--but at least, in this case, they didn�t try to outright deny what hundreds of people were watching, as they usually do.They simply tried to take advantage of public ignorance of aircraft recognition, feeding them a phony but marginally plausible excuse.


7)Aircraft dispersing chemtrails always fly back and forth over a set area, creating circular or zig-zag patterns of vapor in the sky.Often many chemtrail aircraft can be seen in one area, flying in crisscross patterns laying down vapor trails before flying off over the horizon.Large airliners operating under Air Traffic Control fly on set airways and do not make such patterns in the sky.Government representatives have tried to pass off reports of crisscross chemtrail patterns as merely the convergence of airliner contrails at normal air traffic intersections, but this is false.For one thing, almost all airways in the US run in straight lines.Neither do airliners fly in close formation with other aircraft.In addition, chemtrail sightings almost never come close to normal airway intersections, lest they interfere with normal traffic or be observed by other airline passengers.��


8) All legitimate aircraft at high altitudes emitting contrails will be acknowledged by the FAA.Conversely, the existence of aircraft spraying chemicals is always denied by the FAA, under orders from the government.You can be on a cell phone, in real time, reporting the presence of an aircraft overhead to the FAA and they will tell you that no such aircraft exists on their radar screens.They are flat-out lying.It�s amazing to me how many military pilots and government ATC controllers can so easily justify these lies.Surely some are aware of the damaging health effects reported on the internet.Occasionally, an honest controller will admit there is a �military exercise� blocked out for that area.


Many have long suspected that the government has been using these airborne chemical sprayings to test dispersal methods for mild forms of biological or chemical warfare.Indeed, chemtrail sightings have long been associated with community-wide illnesses reported in the areas of the sprayings.Thomas himself was involved in a case in Espanola, Ontario, in the spring of 1998.Residents there had been complaining of �severe headaches, chronic joint pain, dizziness, sudden extreme fatigue, acute asthma attacks and feverless �flu-like� symptoms over a 50-square-mile area [which] coincided with what they termed �months of spraying� by photo-identified US Air Force tanker planes.�An expert witness in the case, former Ontarion Provincial Police Officer Ted Simola, described the �lingering Xs and numerous white trails, some of which �just ended� as if they had been shut off but remained in the sky,� observations consistent with other chemtrail sightings.��


On November 18, 1998, the people of Espanola petitioned Parliament, suspecting possible government involvement in these airborne chemical emissions.They called upon Parliament to �repeal any law that would permit the dispersal of military chaff or of any cloud-seeding substance whatsoever by domestic or foreign military aircraft without the informed consent of the citizens of Canada thus affected.�In response to their petition, the Ministry of Defense eventually replied: �It�s not us.�The government assertion was mostly true: it was not Canadian aircraft, but US Air Force tankers which were conducting the sprayings.Yet the Canadian government was complicit in allowing the US to experiment over Canada.


Thomas did finally get an American ATC controller to talk to him, under conditions of anonymity.The controller works on the US eastern seaboard.Thomas called his contact �Deep Sky.�Deep Sky confirmed that the chemicals being spread in the exercises were acting as electrolytes, enhancing conductivity of radar and radio waves.Additionally, the spread of the material was actually degrading, not enhancing, ATC radars � so there had to be some other purpose behind the sprayings.It is significant that many of the exercises were conducted out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Ohio, which, according to Thomas, �has long been deeply engaged in HAARP�s electromagnetic warfare program.�HAARP is a US government radio wave project in Alaska which could be related to weather modification.HAARP�shuge powerful transmitters and arrays of antennas are, according to the official website, designed to heat up the atmosphere above it.Phasing the antennas can skew the heating effect directionally, and may even interact with reflective layers of metal particles in Chemtrails.What is interesting is that HAARP�s location is at the 65th parallel, just south of the arctic circle.This position corresponds to the atmospheric boundary where relatively moist southern air moving northward collides with cold arctic air coming south.When these dissimilar air mass meet they rise and form new storm systems.Heating the atmosphere directly under this boundary layer would tend to accelerate storm development.Finally, through a series of questions, Deep Sky confirmed that the US tankers were indeed involved in climate modification experiments.


At this point in the article, Thomas launches into a theory that the reflective clouds are being used to reduce the effects of global warming (Edward Teller�s theory).He discusses the Welsback patent, issued in 1994 to Hughes Aircraft, [long involved in government black operations] which involves the use of a reflective blanket of aluminum-laced cloud cover to cool the earth.However, I think Thomas was fed disinformation here.The government often uses phony patents to lead investigators down the wrong trail--especially when dealing with HAARP.�� Global warming is a fraud.There is no way the US government would engage in this massive a cover-up and risk illness to the US population over a theory with little basis in fact and even less evidence of actual damage.Besides, government sponsored aerosol spraying has been going on before global warming became an issue.


However, the weather modification process is, in my opinion, the best explanation so far as to the widespread use of spraying.The reflective aluminum particles or fibers in the created cloud barriers cause cool spots over normally warm areas, which influence the rise or fall of air masses.These reflective layers may also react with HAARP transmissions in some way.�� Radio transmissions need reflective layers to channel the energy in specific directions.The creation of sun or radiation shielding may explain why spraying occurs at high altitude, during the daytime, and in cloudless areas--where the reflective shield would be visible and effective for a long time.


None of these characteristics fit a biological or chemical warfare test scenario.If the government was testing delivery methods of biological or chemical agents, it would be more likely to mix the chemicals in clouds at much lower altitudes where it would more easily precipitate downward on the population.The chemtrail sprayings always take place at high altitudes where the materials can linger or drift long distances: hardly an accurate delivery method.The sprayings are also done only in clear areas of the sky--which, again, points to weather modification.


What I�m convinced of now, is that the widespread flu-like and Alzheimer�s symptoms have been mere side effects of the sprayed chemicals, and not the direct purpose of the sprayings.�� The extensive use of aluminum oxide, found as the primary component of these reflective clouds, does have serious medical side effects and may well explain the upsurge in Alzheimer�s disease in the US--which is reaching epidemic proportions.I think it is also clear that the government has been experimenting with different types and mixes of chemicals, which explains why the observations and effects differ over time.Several years ago, there were many sightings of sticky droplets falling from the sky, trailing spider-web-like strands behind.Upon contact they made people very ill.Later chemical analysis has shown a lot of aluminum oxide and micro fibers, also composed of barium and aluminum.People living under these spray patterns have developed Alzheimer�s-like symptoms.


As expected, the US continues to deny any spraying as well as any experimentation in weather modification.The media is totally complicit in this cover-up as well.The allegations have been widespread over the internet for years.Thousands of inquiries have gone out to the media over the years and not once has the major media ever done a story on this issue.�� The health consequences are huge.Even the politically correct environmental movement has had no luck in pressing the media for coverage.�� There is no way to explain the media�s refusal to investigate or give coverage to this story except that they are fully aware of it and are under bogus�national security� orders to spike the story.


A US Air Force Colonel, according to Thomas, told a senator: �The Air Force is not conducting any weather modification and has no plans to do so in the future.��� But as Thomas retorts, �In fact, attempts to steer hurricanes by spraying heat-robbing chemicals in their paths began in the 1950s. The recipe for creating �cirrus shields� was outlined in an unusually arrogant US Air Force study. Subtitled, �Owning the Weather by 2025,� the 1996 report explained how weather force specialists were dispersing chemicals behind high-flying tanker aircraft in a process the air force calls �aerial obscuration.���� Sounds just like what people are describing as chemtrails.Even members of Congress know about Chemtrails.The term is in the list of prohibited Space activities of Rep. Kucinich's HR 2977 �Space Preservation Act.���� Because of the variety of different chemicals used in Chemtrails over the past 10 years and the changing patterns of spraying, I�m convinced the government is still experimenting and hasn�t actually found a predictable way yet to harness the weather.�� Sadly, this only means the secret experiments will continue and people will suffer.



The Neal Knox Report ( mentions that �The Centers for Disease Control, which calls �gun violence� a public health epidemic, has sent a �model law� to state legislatures which would give state agencies unprecedented powers in the event of a public health emergency -- including the power to seize �private property.�The first draft of the Model Emergency Health Powers Act -- the version introduced in some of the 14 states where it has been filed -- specifically includes the power to �control, restrict and
regulate ... firearms ....�Other sections of the bill authorize seizure and destruction of �private property� and exempt the state from liability.��� Whenever the government engages in illegal activities they always seek for official immunity.