'Mises Caucus Just Exploded': Libertarian Party Nominates Left-Winger Chase Oliver


After seven rounds of balloting stretching over seven hours -- and coming close to nominating nobody -- the Libertarian Party gave its presidential nomination to the decidedly left-leaning Chase Oliver on Sunday night in Washington DC. The result was a devastating upset loss for the Mises Caucus. The Rothbardian, self-described "radical libertarian" group seized control of the party in 2020, but failed to push its favored but flawed candidate -- Michael Rectenwald -- across the goal line.

Gov. Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Arizona Doctors to Provide Abortions in California

The Epoch Times

Senate Bill 233, introduced by state Sen. Nancy Skinner of Oakland and Assembly Majority Leader Cecilia Aguiar-Curry of Winters, allows licensed Arizona abortion providers to come to California and provide abortions or abortion-related care to patients from Arizona who travel to the state for such procedures until near the end of this year. The measure states that licensed Arizona doctors in good standing simply need to fill out an application form with the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California to perform abortions. Provided they meet certain requirements, their approval will be granted within five business days.

US Weapons Accuracy Drops to 10 Percent in Ukraine Due to Jamming

Mish Talk

HIMARS launchers were celebrated during the first year of Russia’s invasion for their success in striking ammunition depots and command points behind enemy lines. But by the second year, “everything ended: the Russians deployed electronic warfare, disabled satellite signals, and HIMARS became completely ineffective,” a second senior Ukrainian military official said. “This ineffectiveness led to the point where a very expensive shell was used” increasingly to strike lower-priority targets.

Biden's $320M Gaza Pier Has Detached & Drifted Onto Israeli Beach


The pier has been center of controversy, given a number of land routes for aid into Gaza are possible, but have been blocked by Israel's military. Now, to mitigate that devastation amid reports of famine the US government has spent $320 million to build a pier to bypass its own beneficiary's land-route blockade. But operating it has proven tricky especially due to inclement conditions in the eastern Mediterranean.

13th Oregon County Votes To Secede And Join 'Greater Idaho'


If the group's goal comes to full fruition, Oregon would end up 62% smaller by size, but only 9% smaller by population. That math that underscores the contrast between the sparsely populated, rural eastern region and the more densely-populated coastal areas. It also highlights the eastern counties' lack of political strength in influencing statewide decisions.

Korea May 2024 Update

Strategy Page

Last year Russia bought weapons and munitions from North Korea to supply their troops in Ukraine. More orders followed and soon this was visible on satellite photos of increased activity on the Trans-Siberian railroad. The Russians later discovered that about half the North Korean artillery shells they purchased were defective, particularly due to substandard propellant and unreliable warhead explosives. Further investigation revealed that North Korean munitions had long used poor quality raw materials and sloppy production methods to produce 152mm artillery shells and various types of unguided rockets. This was apparently the result of corruption because few North Koreans believed their government would ever go to was with the more prosperous and better armed South Korea. North Korean factories produced munitions that appeared OK, but in reality, were defective. When the government ordered sales of some of the large North Korea stockpile of munitions to Russia, no one dared to speak up about how many of the shells were defective. When Russia got the North Korean shells to Ukraine and used them, they found that about half the shells were defective. Some of the shells detonated when fired, destroying the howitzer barrel and injuring members of the gun crew.

YouTube Removes 35,000 EU Videos for “Misinformation,” Enhances Content Censorship Ahead of 2024 Elections

Reclaim the Net

The overview is the usual hodgepodge of reasonable concepts, such as promoting information on how to vote or register for voting, learning about election results, etc., that quickly morph into yet another battle in the “war on disinformation.” And what better way to “support” an election (and by extension, democracy) – than to engage in another round of mass censorship?

Trump Defense Rests Without Former President Taking The Stand

Jonathan Turley

Trump's decision not to testify may have been a smart move, considering the complete debacle we saw over the past two weeks - between Judge Juan Merchan turning Trump into a free speech martyr with multiple gag orders over milquetoast public statements, and star witness Michael Cohen being "dog walked" through his lies - and finally, admitting he stole from the Trump Organization.

Israel Fuming At UN's Moment Of Silence For Iran Leader: 'What’s Next? A Moment Of Silence For Hitler?'


More details have emerge of the helicopter crash in remote far northern Iran on Sunday which killed President Ebrahim Raisi and some top officials. Iranian state media is citing a "technical failure" which caused the helicopter to crash in the site of a mountain not far from the border of Azerbaijan. Iran state media has also blamed US-led sanctions which have heavily targeted its aviation sector for years. The Bell helicopter transporting the Iranian head of state was reportedly at least 40 years old, but there was also inclement weather and heavy fog in the region over the weekend.

How Iran used Turkey's Akinci drone to find president's helicopter

Middle East Eye

The Akinci, a model produced by the Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar since 2019, can fly at altitudes of up to 40,000 feet and remain airborne for more than 24 hours, covering vast areas. “Akinci has capabilities to operate in hard terrain and foggy weather thanks to its high-altitude flight capabilities and thermal technology,” a defence industry source told MEE. “It is a very good match in this sense.”

US paused bomb shipment to Israel to signal concerns over Rafah invasion, official says


The shipment was supposed to consist of 1,800 2,000-pound (900-kilogram) bombs and 1,700 500-pound (225-kilogram) bombs, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter, with the focus of U.S. concern being the larger explosives and how they could be used in a dense urban setting. More than 1 million civilians are sheltering in Rafah after evacuating other parts of Gaza amid Israel’s war on Hamas, which came after the militant group’s deadly attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

Anti-corruption group reveals fake companies in Kharkiv fortification contracts

Voice of Ukraine

According to Mezha's findings based on open-source data, contracts were signed with companies that appear to be fictitious. Tens of millions of hryvnias were transferred to a private entrepreneur whose owner, Ihor Chaus, has a criminal record for stealing a bottle of whiskey from a supermarket and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, said the anti-graft activist.

Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Email Showing Company Provided ‘Separate’ Covid Shots for Employees

Slay News

A Pfizer whistleblower has just leaked an internal email to the public to show that the pharmaceutical company provided employees with Covid shots that were “separate and distinct” from the injections that were rolled out for the general population. The email suggests that high-level Pfizer employees were offered Covid shots from a batch that was reserved for a chosen few. These doses were somehow different from the injections given to the general public.

Cohen Destroyed: Trump Lawyer "Dog Walks" Star Witness Through Lie After Lie, CNN Pundits Aghast


Cohen was grilled by Trump attorney Todd Blanche about a pivotal phone call that connected Trump to allegations that he approved reimbursements to pay porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election. In one exchange, Blanche accused Cohen of lying about speaking with Trump on the phone in October 2016 to reassure his boss that he was handling the payment to Daniels. Blanche then confronted Cohen with text messages that contradicted the lie - revealing that Cohen in fact spoke with Trump's bodyguard, Keith Schiller.

James Woods’ Responds as Dr. Birx Reveals Her Treachery

Independent Sentinel

In her book Silent Invasion, Dr. Deborah Birx, the former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, admits how much of a lie the entire affair was. Birx knew when they asked for 15 days to stop the spread that it wasn’t the truth and it was only “a start.” She also asked for an extension without an ounce of science to support her request. They conned Donald Trump. They were doctors and scientists. He wasn’t, and they let him know it, so he listened to them. Of course, it got much worse under Biden, who acted like a king.

Mexican Government Provides Buses, Trucks to Aid Migrant Caravan’s Trek to U.S. Border


In the most recent chapter of the ongoing migrant caravan, the state government of Oaxaca provided the migrants with several buses and trucks to move them north to Puebla. Government officials also provided the migrants with a state sporting arena for them to rest before continuing their journey. According to Mexico’s La Jornada, authorities provided the migrants with ten buses and five pickups to continue their journey.

Illegals Migrants at NYC City Council Meeting Complain about Free Food, Housing

The Daily Fetched

African illegals at a New York City Council meeting have complained that the free food and housing provided to them by the taxpayer is not good enough. On Tuesday, over 1,300 illegal aliens from Africa descended on New York City Hall after being falsely promised work visas and green cards. The illegals lined up outside of New York City Hall, with many in Islamic garb swarming the sidewalk.

Whole Foods’ GMO hypocrisy: Selling out to fake food with Impossible Foods deal

Natural Health 365

All natural, except … In 2014, a class action lawsuit against Whole Foods surfaced, alleging deceptive labeling, specifically for the “all-natural” brands. Many of them actually contained chemical preservatives, artificial coloring, artificial flavorings, and other artificial ingredients. One of the products mentioned was the company’s own 365 Everyday Value brand cola, which sported the “all-natural” label despite containing a laundry list of artificial ingredients.

Shooter Of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Identified; Hungary's Orban Expresses 'Deep Shock'


Slovakia’s populist prime minister Robert Fico has been shot, according to breaking news reports, after which he was rushed to the hospital and appears to be alive according to early reports. But some reports have listed his condition as "very serious" and that he had to be airlifted. According to emerging details in The Associated Press, Fico "was injured in a shooting and taken to hospital. The incident took place in the town of Handlova, some 150 kilometers northeast of the capital, according to the news television station TA3."

Russia Is About To Overrun Ukraine’s Defenses – Why Are There No Peace Negotiations?


Russia has been using an “artillery bubble” as a tool to protect ground forces as they push an advance. Meaning, troops will only attack as far as the artillery can reach. Artillery is vital to a large scale offensive. Coincidentally, Russia doubled its importation of explosive materials commonly used for artillery in the past several months. They are now reportedly producing triple the amount of artillery that NATO is providing to Ukraine. Mainstream analysts claim the push towards Kharkiv move might be a feint, allowing Russia to increase the size of its buffer zone. They continue to assert that Russia doesn’t have the forces necessary for a major offensive. I would say it depends on how weak Ukraine’s defensive lines actually are. Russia has been consistently using large scale Pincer movements to envelop defensive positions and destroy them. In the past two weeks alone Russia has gained considerable ground. Russian troops recently made confirmed advances northwest of Svatove (Luhansk Oblast), near Avdiivka (Donetsk Oblast), in Robotyne (Zaporizhzhya Oblast), and in east (left) bank Kherson Oblast, U.S.-based think tank Institute for the Study of War reported on May 6th. The reason for this is relatively simple – Ukraine lacks the manpower to effectively establish defense in-depth. All the reports coming from the front support this theory.

Emergency Blackouts Introduced Across Ukraine As Temperatures Dip


Following several weeks of stepped-up Russian aerial attacks which have pummeled Ukraine's energy and electrical grid, state power operator Ukrenergo on Tuesday announced that rolling emergency blackouts have gone into effect across the country. It comes amid a drop in temperatures which has served to further strain the grid

Woman With Vaccine Injury in Clinical Trial Sues AstraZeneca

The Epoch Times

“They left us no choice,” Brianne Dressen, a preschool teacher in Utah, told The Epoch Times in an email. Ms. Dressen has paid tens of thousands of dollars to drugs to treat the nervous system disorder and other issues she’s experiencing, according to the complaint, filed in federal court in her home state.

'Guns & Butter': Putin Explains Reason Behind Major Cabinet Shake-Up


Russian President Vladimir Putin has for the first time explained the rationale behind this week's major cabinet reshuffling, which for the first time of the Ukraine operation saw Sergey Shoigu removed as defense minister (and 'promoted' to head of the national security council), and former minister for economic development Andrey Belousov moved into the defense chief spot. He described the decision as due to the dramatic rise in the defense budget and military spending.

Ukraine Admits Frontlines In Kharkiv Are Collapsing


"The first line of fortifications and mines simply did not exist." Describing what happened when Russian ground troops, backed by airstrikes and artillery, simply walked through the border area on Friday, he wrote: "The enemy freely entered the grey zone along the entire cordon line, which in principle should not have been grey! "In two years, there should have been concrete fortifications... on the Ukrainian border!" This confirms a prior Associated Press observation which stated that "Ukraine’s lack of adequate defensive lines has helped Russia make significant military gains, and constant enemy fire hinders building."

Alvin Bragg’s Office Deleted Phone Call Records of Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer

The Epoch Times

Trump attorney asked about roughly three pages worth of records that the attorney claimed Mr. Bragg’s office had deleted. The fact that prosecutors submitted the call records into evidence but didn’t tell the Trump defense team that some of them had been deleted raises questions about the integrity of the proceedings, according to Trump attorneys, and others. “Insanity! How on earth is this not a felony committed by Bragg and his minions? It sure would be if team Trump did it,” the former president’s eldest son, Don Trump Jr., said in a post on X. Mr. Trump Jr. was presumably referring to the fact that evidence tampering is a class E felony in the state of New York.

Winston Marshall: Populism Is The Voice Of The Voiceless, The Real Threat To Democracy Is From The Elites

Real Clear Politics

I'm actually rather surprised that our esteemed opposition, Congressman Pelosi, is on that side of the motion. I thought the left was supposed to be anti-elite. I thought the left was supposed to be anti-establishment today, particularly in America, the globalist left have become the establishment. I suppose for Miss Pelosi to have taken this side of the motion, she'd be arguing herself out of a job.

Russia Launches Surprise Offensive In Kharkiv, Aims To Extend Border 10km Deep Into Ukraine


Following several more cross-border attacks from Ukraine, including direct drone hits on Russian oil facilities over the past 48 hours, Russian forces have launched a surprise ground offensive which seeks to break through front lines in the northeastern Kharkiv border region on Friday. "Russia launched a new wave of counteroffensive actions... Ukraine met them there with our troops, brigades, and artillery," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed of the new action in a briefing. "Now there is a fierce battle underway."

Boy Scouts Drops the Boy

Lew Rockwell

Are your children safe in the Boy Scouts? I note that “the Boy Scouts’ $2.4 billion bankruptcy reorganization plan took effect last year, allowing the organization to keep operating while compensating the more than 80,000 men who say they were sexually abused as children while scouting.”

FBI Officials Were Told to ‘Stand Down’ the Day before Jan. 6

Headline USA

Among the 107 pages of new records is a series of emails with the subject line, “Stand down. See below.” The emails are heavily redacted, and the individuals in the email thread are not identified. Only one person’s title was revealed: a supervisory intelligence analyst for the FBI’s DC office. Even the date and times of the emails are redacted, with the exception of one that was sent at 5:46 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2021.

ICE Expected To Roll Out ID Program For Illegal Immigrants This Summer


First reported in 2022, the 'Secure Docket Card' pilot program is expected to begin this summer with around 10,000 cards in a limited rollout at three or four locations in the US. The agency claims that the program is "pre-decisional" and subject to change. According to the report, Houston and Atlanta are two potential locations. Officials claim that the program will "modernize documentation provided to some noncitizens" but it will not be an official form of federal ID.

Virtual Home Invasions: We’re Not Safe from Government Peeping Toms

John W. Whitehead

Government agents—with or without a warrant, with or without probable cause that criminal activity is afoot, and with or without the consent of the homeowner—are now justified in mounting virtual home invasions using surveillance technology—with or without the blessing of the courts—to invade one’s home with wiretaps, thermal imaging, surveillance cameras, aerial drones, and other monitoring devices.

Ukraine Warns Nationwide Power Outages Coming Amid 'Massive' Russian Strikes


Large-scale Russian aerial strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure has become an almost daily event, but Wednesday saw a "massive" wave of Russian missiles launched on vital power grid sites, according to Ukraine authorities. Ukraine is now warning of nationwide power cuts. "Russians have launched a new massive attack on thermal and hydroelectric power plants," the state-owned Ukrenergo energy operator announced. "There may be power cuts for household and industrial consumers across Ukraine... due to new damage to the equipment of Ukrainian power plants caused by Russian strikes."

Chris Cuomo Admits Taking "Regular" Doses Of Ivermectin After Previously Saying Those Who Took It Should Be "Shamed"


He said: “I’ll tell you something else that’s gonna get you a lot of hits. I am taking … a regular dose of Ivermectin. Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about Ivermectin. The real question is, why?” Why, Chris? Perhaps its because you and Don Lemon were on-air daily providing a constant stream of misinformation about the drug?

Biden quietly remaking courts to counter rightward lurch under Trump

Washington Examiner

The pair were tied at 193 appointments each at this point in their tenures for much of April, but Biden retook the lead earlier this week when the Senate confirmed Georgia Alexakis for a district judgeship in Illinois on Wednesday, giving him 194. “I promised to have an administration that looks like America … a court that represents all the people,” Biden said on March 11 during a campaign speech in Atlanta. “Sixty-five percent of the judges I’ve appointed are women. Sixty-five percent are people of color. I’ve appointed more black women to the circuit courts than every other president in American history combined.”

Another Trump Trial Derailed: Fani-Donating Judge's Decision To Keep Her On RICO Trial Under Scrutiny By Appeals Court


One day after former President Donald Trump's classified documents trial was postponed indefinitely after we learned that the DOJ mishandled evidence in the case (with Judge Aileen M. Cannon citing a mountain of 'outstanding' pre-trial matters that would make a May 20 trial 'imprudent'), another Trump case appears to have no chance of going to trial before the 2024 election.

Democrats Join Republicans to Block Greene’s Bid to Oust Speaker Johnson

The Epoch Times

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) forced a vote on a motion to vacate after meeting with the speaker twice this week to discuss her grievances and demands. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) then offered a measure to table Ms. Greene’s motion to vacate. Democrats joined Republicans to approve its shelving in a 359 to 43 vote. Eleven Republicans voted to move forward with the ouster attempt.

China’s 2022 Military Spending Reaches $710 Billion, Over Triple What Beijing Announced: Report

The Epoch Times

A portion of the $711 billion spending also included military research and development expenditures, which Ms. Eaglen estimated to be $45.8 billion. However, she noted that the estimated military research and development spending could be much higher, considering the regime’s military-civil fusion (MCF) strategy, cyberespionage operations, and reliance on state-owned companies.

FBI File On Jeff Bezos' Grandfather, A DARPA Co-Founder, Has Been Destroyed


With the contents of Gise's FBI file unlikely to ever be unearthed and likely never destroyed, just inaccessible to FOIA requests or the public, other X users commented on Webb's and Greenewald's posts, pointing out how DARPA possibly created other big tech firms: " We know Facebook is a "cancelled program" out of the DOD... if you look at bill gates family you find similar stuff."

Who's Building The Most Solar Energy?


As of 2022, China’s total installed capacity stands at 393 GW, nearly double that of the EU’s 205 GW and surpassing the USA’s total of 113 GW by more than threefold in absolute terms.

Boeing Faces 10 More Whistleblowers After Mysterious Deaths


And while Boeing says they also "encourage" employees to speak up, that's news to other Boeing whistleblowers who say they've either face retaliation or been ignored. For example, Ed Pierson, 61, a former senior manager at Boeing's Renton, Washington 737 factory, left Boeing six years ago and created the Foundation for Aviation Safety - after trying in vain to get Boeing execs to shut down production of the plane prior to two 737 MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019 which left 346 people dead.

Boeing Supplier Spirit Aerosystems Sues To Block Texas Safety Probe


On March 28, Paxton released a statement justifying his safety probe into Spirit. "The potential risks associated with certain airplane models are deeply concerning and potentially life-threatening to Texans," he wrote, adding "I will hold any company responsible if they fail to maintain the standards required by the law and will do everything in my power to ensure manufacturers take passenger safety seriously."

Nolte: Far-Left Disney Lost $628 Million on Four Woke Flops


No one wanted to see The Marvels because it stars a scold and reeked of a feminist lecture. No one wanted to see Dial of Destiny because we all knew Disney would do to Indiana Jones what it did to Luke Skywalker and Han Solo: use a sexless girlboss to emasculate and shame him for being an old white guy. No one wanted to see Wish because Disney’s previous animated films, Strange World and Lightyear, were the equivalent of a guy without pants driving a van around an elementary school with FREE CANDY spray-painted on the side. No one wanted to see Haunted Mansion because it looked like affirmative action casting.

Biden Roasted for National Day of Prayer Message: ‘You’re the Last Person Who Should Be Quoting Scripture’


“Spare me your lecture on honesty, decency, dignity and respect. You embody none of those.” “Your prayer will soon be answered when we vote Trump back into the White House.” “Honesty, decency, dignity, and respect are all the things you lack in character.” “From the man that supports late term abortion. Biden is a wannabe Catholic.” “Since when do you believe in: Honesty? (constantly lying about Trump) Decency? (Push a ghey [sic] and trans narrative at the White House) Dignity? (allowing kids to chop there stuff off) Respect? (Making 100 posts on Easter about trans day)” “Abortion fanatic wants to talk about scripture!”

Prosecutors admit key evidence in document case has been tampered with

Just The News

In a stunning admission, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team is admitting that key evidence in former President Donald Trump’s classified documents criminal case was altered or manipulated since it was seized by the FBI, and that prosecutors misled the court about it for a period of time. Legal experts told Just the News the revelation could prove to be a serious problem for prosecutors and a violation of court rules to preserve evidence in the state it was seized.

Data Centers Hiding In 'Spy Country' Northern Virginia Will Need Reactor's Worth Of Power


Since the beginning of the digital age, most of the world's internet data has flowed through massive data centers in Northern Virginia. The area is known as "Data Center Alley" because it's home to the world's largest concentration of data centers. Some call the area 'spy country' because of the number of data centers used by the Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies. Given the exponential proliferation of smartphones, streaming services, smart devices, and now generative artificial intelligence, the power demanded by data centers in Northern Virginia will need nuclear reactors worth of power, if not much more, according to utility Dominion Energy.

As Russian Forces Advance, Ukraine Struggles to Build New Defensive Lines

A deputy infantry commander fighting near Avdiivka explained that the defensive line needed to be built last year during Ukraine’s offensive. “There was an absence of responsibility. … People didn’t understand that fortifications can save your life if you do it in advance,” he stated. “Many people thought we … wouldn’t need to prepare such lines. They didn’t expect a new Russian offensive.”

CIA Program Manager Gets Loose Lips About Trump


US intelligence agencies withheld intelligence from President Donald Trump before and during his presidency, claiming "The executive staff. We’re talking about the director and his subordinates," which include former CIA Directors "Gina Haspel....And I believe Mike Pompeo did the same thing too,"

A Low Sodium Diet May Be Stressing You Out

The Epoch Times

Salt is often vilified, and many physicians instruct their patients to adopt a low-sodium diet for health reasons. However, not consuming enough of it may interfere with the removal of cortisol from our bloodstream. Sodium helps flush the stress hormone from the body, and avoiding it may ultimately lead to chronically elevated blood cortisol levels. If left untreated, high cortisol levels can lead to a variety of bothersome symptoms and potentially serious complications. Most people are experiencing some symptoms of elevated or dysregulated cortisol from life stressors, and abstaining from salt may be exacerbating the situation.

Ukrainian Drones Hit Major Rosneft Refinery in Russia


Just as Russia had started to bring back some refinery capacity damaged by Ukrainian drone attacks earlier this year, a new wave of drone attacks hit a major refinery owned by Rosneft, for a second time. Rosneft’s Ryazan refinery southeast of Moscow caught fire after the overnight drone attack, an anonymous Ukrainian military source with knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg News on Wednesday.

The Path of Least Resistance: Northwestern Reaches Controversial Settlement With Pro-Palestinian Protesters

Jonathan Turley

including a commitment for scholarships for Palestinians, Palestinian faculty appointments, and special housing for Muslim students. The protesters will also be allowed to continue their protests while agreeing to stay in a particular area of campus. It will also put the students and supporting faculty on bodies to review any university investments and purchases, a major demand from supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty Ignores Covid Policy Mistakes

Real Clear Wire

The World Health Organization is urging the U.S. and 193 other governments to commit next month to a new global treaty to prevent and manage future pandemics. Current estimates suggest over $31 billion per year will be needed to fund its obligations, a cost most lower income countries cannot afford. But that isn’t the only reason to oppose it. Validating this treaty is a vote for the disastrous policies of the Covid years. Rather than taking time for deep reflection and serious reform, those pushing the pandemic treaty are set on ignoring and institutionalizing the WHO’s mistakes.

Health Canada Asked Pfizer for DNA Fragments Size in COVID Shots, Linked to ‘Probability’ of Genomic ‘Integration’

The Epoch Times

DNA plasmids are used in the manufacturing process of mRNA vaccines and residual elements are supposed to be cleaned out below a certain threshold. Pfizer said DNA in its products is below the 10ng/dose guideline established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and followed by Health Canada, according to the official records. This assertion has been challenged by independent scientists, who found quantities of DNA in the vaccines to be above the threshold. They have also found the DNA fragments are larger than 200 base pairs (bp).

‘Remarkable turn of events!’ – Alleged Chinese spy working for AfD MEP Krah was an informant for German intelligence for years

ReMix News

Much is at stake, as Krah is the top candidate for the AfD in the run-up to the EU parliamentary elections in June. The latest report shows that the powerful Office for the Protection of Constitution (BfV) not only recruited Jian G. as a spy, but also dropped him as an informant because there were concerns he was a double agent for China. However, despite these suspicions, Jian G. gained German citizenship, became a member of the Social Democrats (SPD), and even passed the EU parliament’s security clearance.

Senator Tells Taxpayers On Gaza Pier: "Cost Has Not Just Risen, It Has Exploded"


Both US and Israeli officials have voiced that they hope to have a mobile pier in place and humanitarian deliveries being offloaded via maritime routes by sometime in the first part of May. The causeway is expected to be at a length of 550-meters (1,800 feet) and will have Israeli military protection. US Army and Navy engineers are expected to remain at sea, especially after days ago the pier site came under mortar shelling by Palestinian militants who have warned against foreign forces stepping foot inside Gaza. A new Reuters report meanwhile indicates the pier will cost US taxpayers at least $320 million to finish. This is double the early estimates which were floated earlier this year.

New Bombshell Evidence Emerges: Was Trump Set Up in Classified Docs Saga?

PJ Media

Investigative journalist Julie Kelly found something interesting in the documents that could change everything. The first things is testimony from an FBI agent who testified that the General Services Administration (GSA) had been in possession of Trump's boxes in Virginia before ordering Trump's team to come get them. "So an entire pallet full of boxes that had been held by GSA somewhere outside of DC is dumped at Mar-a-Lago," Kelly notes. "Apparently these are the boxes that ended up containing papers with 'classified markings.'"

Man Who Filmed Ashli Babbitt Killing Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison

The Epoch Times

Judge Lamberth sentenced Mr. Sullivan to serve two years of supervised release after his prison term and ordered him to pay $2,520 in restitution and special assessments. Mr. Sullivan came to the Jan. 6 events in Washington trailed by filmmaker Jade Sacker, who has since published a documentary about the liberal Mr. Sullivan and his conservative activist brother James. Although media continue to report that Mr. Sullivan dressed as a Trump supporter on Jan. 6, that wasn’t true. On Jan. 5, he posted a widely shared photo of himself to social media donned in a Trump ball cap. He did not wear Trump gear on Jan. 6.

Ukraine Withdraws Abrams Tanks From Frontlines After Russian Drone Attacks

Ukraine has so far lost at least five of the tanks, according to the AP, with Russian forces claiming several kills since the Abrams was first spotted on the battlefield. At least one of the tanks was reportedly crippled with a cheaply made kamikaze drone, part of Moscow’s growing fleet of surveillance and armed UAVs. The ubiquity of drones in the conflict has meant "there isn’t open ground that you can just drive across without fear of detection," another senior defense official told the AP, explaining the decision to sideline the Abrams.