Navalny's Body Finally Released To Mother Amid Controversy Over Public Moscow Funeral


Last Monday prison officials offered as the reason for the delayed transfer an apparent ongoing autopsy procedure which involved a "chemical examination" for up to 14 days, but the statement was unclear and ambiguous as to the purpose. The listed cause of death has since been revealed as "sudden death syndrome" - a term generally used in Russian prisons to describe cardiac-related issues including heart attac

New Cell Phone Records Prove DA Willis Affair

DA Willis and Wade both testified that the relationship started sometime in early 2022. But Wade’s cell phone records disprove their official story. In a filing this morning from President Trump’s attorneys, records indicate that the “relationship” between DA Willis and Wade was romantic well-before Wade’s November 1, 2021 appointment by Willis as Special Prosecutor.

Milei Secures Argentina's First Budget Surplus Since 2012 After Only One Month In Office


Not long after socialist activists flooded into Buenos Aires to protest President Javier Milei's sweeping budget cuts and reforms, it has been announced that Argentina is enjoying its first monthly budget surplus since August 2012. The budget fix (and $589 million positive balance) took Milei only one month in office to achieve and leaves the political left with some embarrassing questions to answer.

Another UK Ship On Fire Near Yemen As Sea Becomes Littered With Disabled Tankers


The last several days have witnessed well over half a dozen attacks or attempted attacks by Houthis on foreign vessels and tankers in the Red Sea. For example the US military confirmed Tuesday that two US-owned tankers were struck the day prior. Such attacks are now coming several times a day. On Thursday the Pentagon said its coalition ships in the Red Sea intercepted six more drones over waters off Yemen. This came after another UK-owned ship was struck, and is reportedly burning and immobile some 70 nautical miles southeast of Aden.

Iran Sends Russia Hundreds Of Ballistic Missiles, Washington Powerless


Islamic Republic of Iran was supplying arms, and especially kamikaze drones, to Moscow for use on the Ukrainian battlefield. This proved true, and allegations of Tehran supplying ballistic missiles soon followed. Now, just days away from the grim two-year mark of the start of the major war, there are fresh reports of a dramatic escalation in Iran's military supply pipeline to Russia. Reuters reports Wednesday that Tehran has provided Moscow with a "large number of powerful surface-to-surface ballistic missiles."

Assange Judge Worked for MI6 & Defence Ministry

Consortium News

Justice Jeremy Johnson has also been a specially vetted barrister, cleared by the U.K. authorities to access top-secret information. Johnson will sit with Dame Victoria Sharp, his senior judge, to decide the fate of the WikiLeaks co-founder. If extradited, Assange faces a maximum sentence of 175 years.

CCP Tightens Exit Controls Amid Sharp Increase in Citizens Fleeing China

The Epoch Times

“The authorities are worried that after people go to Thailand, they may go from Thailand to Turkey, South America, and then enter the United States,” he said. “Some people from Chengdu, Luoyang, and other parts of China told me that when they were leaving China as individuals, they’re all interrogated; the shortest questioning time was 25 minutes.” Mr. Lu said he believes that the reason customs agents have interrogated people like this is that they received orders from above to probe people’s reasons for leaving.

The Rise and Fall of the Second Amendment

Donald Jeffries

Thomas Jefferson in particular was vehemently opposed to a standing federal army. Like the rest of the Founders, he believed it was the responsibility of a citizens militia of ordinary Americans to defend their state, or in the rarest of circumstances, the entire country from an outside threat. He also made it clear that an armed citizenry was the best defense against government tyranny.

Government Schools Are Propaganda Machines

Mises Institute

Moreover, such propaganda is inculcated far more effectively and efficiently via government schools that continue to churn out obedient and often intellectually incurious citizens who rarely question the morality or composition of the state that rules over them. This assertion should be self-evident through obedience to mask mandates, pledges of allegiance to flags, continued support for America’s overseas “defense” campaigns, and the strong contention among many citizens that democracy and voting are salubrious for all of us.

COVID Vaccine Shedding Is ‘Real,’ FDA and Pfizer Documents Are Proof: Clinicians

The Epoch Times

Pfizer has documented hundreds of adverse events that occurred as a result of indirect exposures or exposure to babies during pregnancy or breastfeeding. In its Periodic Safety Report submitted to the European Union, Pfizer listed several adverse events it deemed not attributable to the vaccine and that should be excluded from discussion. The document listed 22 cases of adverse events in babies who had received “indirect exposure” to COVID mRNA boosters, suggesting exposure other than a direct vaccination.

Assange's Final UK Court 'Moment Of Truth' Arrives As Wife Warns He 'Will Die' If Extradited To US


Tuesday, February 21 is the big day and 'moment of truth' for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his legal team. That is when two high court judges in London will hear arguments on whether Assange can appeal a ruling to extradite him to the United States, where he would most certainly spend the rest of his life in prison, likely in a harsh 'supermax' federal facility. The hearing is scheduled through Wednesday.

Embalmer Shares Shocking Video of Removing “Strange White Fibrous Clots” from a Dead Body

The Gateway Pundit

“This is a video of me removing one of the strange white fibrous clots, from the right jugular vein. The person who was recording it is Nicky King, who is also an embalmer. I didn’t notice it until I lifted the vessel up. I could feel it inside the vein. I only show this because people still don’t believe it and ask for video evidence. What’s causing this? I can’t say for sure, but I didn’t start seeing this until early 2021. Unfortunately, I still find strange clotting in several bodies that I embalm,” he wrote.

Major Victory For Russian Army As Ukraine Forces Flee Eastern City


Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, who leads Ukrainian forces operating in southeastern Ukraine, described the dismal scenario faced by his troops in Avdiivka, which he characterized as the "hottest" zone along the entire 600-mile-long battlefront: "In a difficult battlefield situation, when only ruins and a pile of broken bricks remain from the fortification, our priority is to save the soldiers' lives...The enemy launches massive bomb attacks day and night, and does not stop attacking simultaneously from several directions." He described Russia as "practically wiping the city from the face of the earth."

The Curse Of Ultra-Pasteurization

The Epoch Times

Other researchers have noted that “The major protein modifications that occur during UHT treatment are denaturation and aggregation of the protein, and chemical modifications of its amino acids.” Damaged milk proteins are likely to cause allergies. Today, milk allergy is the number one allergy and according to statistics provided by the Asthma and Allergy Network, we can estimate that modern milk causes approximately twenty deaths from anaphylactic shock per year! Most milk sold today in supermarkets is UHT milk—even organic milk is UHT. But it is not used in fermented products—check the labels for sour cream or cheese. These products are made from pasteurized—not UHT milk—most likely because UHT milk is so dead that it will not ferment. That’s another way of saying that UHT milk is indigestible, as fermentation is a form of digestion.

Book Review: The Wuhan Cover-Up by RFK, Jr.

Brownstone Institute

The Wuhan Cover-Up and the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Skyhorse Publishing, December 3, 2023) is a crucial book for understanding how the Covid catastrophe happened. I would even go so far as to argue that RFK, Jr.’s new book is the most important Covid chronicle to date, although it ends at the beginning of 2020, before most of us were even aware that a “novel coronavirus” was circulating among us. The book explains the CAUSES of the global disaster, which all happened before March 2020. Everything after that are the downstream EFFECTS of what The Wuhan Cover-Up exposes.

Elon Musk Is Right and The NY Times Is Wrong About Illegal Voting by Noncitizens

The Epoch Times

In a recent trio of posts to X, Elon Musk wrote that (1) illegal immigrants “are not prevented from voting in federal elections,” (2) “you don’t need government issued ID to vote,” and (3) Democrats “are importing voters.” To rebut those statements, The New York Times published an article by Jim Rutenberg and Kate Conger claiming that Mr. Musk is “spreading election misinformation” about “illegal voting by noncitizens” and echoing a “conspiracy theory” spread by former President Donald Trump. Although Mr. Musk’s words are imprecise, the gist of what he wrote is correct, and the NY Times is categorically wrong.

House Impeaches Mayorkas In Historic Vote


Last week's effort to impeach Mayorkas failed by one vote because three Republicans voted with all the Democrats against the move. The vote was made possible only by the return of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.), who missed last week’s vote while undergoing treatment for blood cancer, according to The Hill. Mayorkas was accused of demonstrating a "willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law," and "breaching the public trust," which Democrats suggested was nothing more than disagreements over policy or performance failings, but not impeachable crimes.

CIA Had Foreign Allies Spy On Trump Team, Triggering Russia Collusion Hoax, Sources Say

Public and Racket

Now, multiple credible sources tell Public and Racket that the United States Intelligence Community (IC), including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), illegally mobilized foreign intelligence agencies to target Trump advisors long before the summer of 2016. The new information fills many gaps in our understanding of the Russia collusion hoax and is supported by testimony already in the public record.

‘Cash in Envelopes’: How the US and UN Are Funding the Border Crisis

The Epoch Times

The plan allocated $372 million in “cash and vouchers” and “multipurpose cash assistance” during 2024 for 624,300 migrants—the population of Detroit—in Central and South America who are headed for the U.S. border. Mr. Bensman, who has been at the forefront of investigating the causes of the migrant surge, believes that the U.N. is “aiding and abetting mass migration.”

The Nuts And Bolts Of Replacing Candidate Biden, Before Or After The Convention


focus on a scenario in which Biden sees the primary process all the way through, and then -- under mounting public, media and political pressure -- announces he will not seek re-election after all and is releasing his delegates to vote for someone else at the national convention, which will be held in Chicago Aug. 19 to 22. Biden might well endorse a candidate, but his delegates wouldn't be obliged to vote for his pick.

Not Just the UNRWA, Shut Down the UN

The Epoch Times

The UNRWA is rushing out its denials via its commissioner general (how would you like that job these days?) Phillippe Lazzarini on X, formerly known as Twitter. Among his tidbits, we are supposed to believe: “UNRWA did not know what is under its headquarters in Gaza.”

Fani Willis Could Be Disqualified, Judge Says

The Epoch Times

Fulton County Superior Judge Scott McAfee confirmed on Feb. 12 that the hearing about misconduct claims against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade “must occur” on Feb. 15 and could lead to disqualification. Ms. Willis is presiding over the high-profile racketeering case that names former President Donald Trump and 14 others.

Invasion Spreads To Unfenced US Northern Border Amid "Record-Breaking Surge" Of Illegal Entries Detected


Experts told NYPost, "Migrants who make it to Mexico and can afford a $350 one-way plane ticket from Mexico City or Cancun to Montreal or Toronto are making their way south to cross the northern US border — where they are less likely to be turned away than those who cross the southern border." On the northern border, migrants take advantage of border crossings without walls or fences. They're simply just walking right into the US.

Satanic Temple Claims Abortion Is Part of Their Religion in Effort to Block Abortion Bans

The Epoch Times

The Satanic Temple (TST), a nonprofit based in Salem, Massachusetts, has filed lawsuits in Missouri, Indiana, Texas, and Idaho that so far have been unsuccessful. That hasn’t stopped the headline-grabbing organization from plaintiff-shopping for new religious freedom lawsuits to stop abortion bans, according to its website. The group doesn’t shy away from controversy. It made news recently for staging a satanic holiday display featuring a silver goat head atop blood-red robes during Christmas at the Iowa Capitol. The Baphomet statue shared space with a Christmas display until it was decapitated.

Airman: Secret Drone Ops Run From US Base In Jordan Where 3 Soldiers Killed, 40+ Wounded


The base in Jordan, which is called Tower 22, is positioned just six miles from the Syrian border, and close to the Al-Tanf base where US servicemembers are based inside Syria. After a Jan. 28 drone attack on Tower 22 killed three soldiers and wounded dozens more, US Central Command described the facility as a "logistics support base" housing some 350 Army and Air Force personnel. However, an Air Force airman who was recently stationed at Tower 22 tells The Intercept there's much more to the base than managing supplies:

Russian Army Now Using Musk's Starlink On Front Lines, Ukraine Says


To this point, Russia may only have dozens of the Starlink terminals. “When they have hundreds, it’ll be hard for us to live,” a Ukrainian source told Defense One. Responding to the report, Starlink said it "does not do business of any kind with the Russian government or its military. Starlink is not active in Russia, meaning service will not work in that country." It's one thing to prevent Starlink from working in Russia. However, any attempt to prevent Russian use of Starlink along the shifting front lines inside Ukraine would almost certainly have collateral effects on the Ukrainian military.

Squatters Are Taking Over Homes All Over The Nation On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime

Economic Collapse Blog

Squatting has always been a problem, especially in certain parts of the nation, but now it is happening on an industrial scale all over America. Thanks to online listings, it is easier than ever to identify properties that are vacant, and many states have laws that make it exceedingly difficult to get squatters out once they have settled in. In some cases, squatters are able to live rent free in beautiful homes for months or even years. This is becoming an absolutely massive problems, especially in certain areas of the country. For example, it is being reported that squatters have taken over approximately 1,200 homes in the Atlanta area…

Chinese Engineer Allegedly Stole Trade Secret Technology for Detecting Nuclear Missile Launches: DOJ

The Epoch Times

Court documents said much of the company’s work—the development of infrared sensor technology for space-based and military missions for missile detection—was funded through contacts with the Pentagon and other government contracts. Mr. Gong allegedly transferred 3,600 files from his work laptop to three personal storage devices from March 2023 to April 2023, according to court documents. Hundreds of documents marked as confidential or proprietary belonging to the company were discovered on devices taken from his temporary residence in Thousand Oaks, California, following an FBI search in May 2023.

Special Counsel Account of Biden’s Mental Decline Is Frightening

National Review

"In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden’s memory was worse. He did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended (“if it was 2013 – when did I stop being Vice President?”), and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began (“in 2009, am I still Vice President?”). He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died. And his memory appeared hazy when describing the Afghanistan debate that was once so important to him. Among other things, he mistakenly said he “had a real difference” of opinion with General Karl Eikenberry, when, in fact, Eikenberry was an ally whom Mr. Biden cited approvingly in his Thanksgiving memo to President Obama."

Tucker Carlson: The Putin Interview


On the negotiation process and its failure: "There have been [talks] they reached a very high stage of coordination of positions in a complex process, but still they were almost finalized. But after we withdrew our troops from Kiev... the other side threw away all these agreements." On his last conversation with Joe Biden: "Well, yes, he funds, but I talked to him before the special military operation, of course... I believe that you are making a huge mistake of historic proportions by supporting everything that is happening there, in Ukraine, by pushing Russia away." On the possibility of global conflict: "It goes against common sense to get involved in some kind of a global war and a global war will bring all humanity to the brink of destruction." On the concept of de-nazification: "De-nazification... means the prohibition of all kinds of neo-Nazi movements... We have to get rid of those people who maintain this concept and support this practice and try to preserve it." On Russia's territorial ambitions: "We simply don't have any interest [in Poland, Latvia, or anywhere else]. It's just threat mongering."

Diesel Prices Primed To Rise Sharply In 2024


Global stocks of diesel and other middle distillates are below normal and prices could start to rise quickly if the industrial economies of North America and Western Europe emerge from their lingering recession in 2024.

2024 Is the New 1984: Big Brother and the Rise of the Security Industrial Complex

John W. Whitehead

What this adds up to for government agencies (that is, FBI, NSA, DHS agents, etc., as well as local police) is a surveillance map that allows them to track someone’s movements over time and space, hopscotching from doorbell camera feeds and business security cameras to public cameras on utility poles, license plate readers, traffic cameras, drones, etc. It has all but eliminated the notion of privacy enshrined in the Fourth Amendment and radically re-drawn the line of demarcation between our public and private selves. The police state has become particularly adept at sidestepping the Fourth Amendment,

California Law Requiring Background Check to Buy Ammunition Restored by Federal Court

The Epoch Times

A California law requiring people undergo a background check to purchase ammunition can be in effect while a legal challenge to the law is considered by the courts, federal judges ruled on Feb. 5. A divided panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit stayed an injunction against the law that was entered days earlier by U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez, who ruled the law clashed with the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Biden Pulls A Trump: Targeted Drone Assassination Kills Iran-Backed Militia Leaders In Baghdad


Several blasts were heard in the Iraqi capital after which an SUV was seen engulfed in a large blaze. A security official has been quoted in one prominent regional newspaper as saying, "The car belonged to the Popular Mobilization Forces," in reference to the pro-Iran Shia militia which works closely in tandem with Iraq's national army. "At least two PMF leaders were inside the car," the security source said.

New York's Illegal Alien Compounds Exposed: Stabbings, Drugs, Deaths...

Randall's Island has lost a community soccer field to a massive illegal alien compound. The max population of the facility is around 3,000 and there is a large population of military aged men from Africa. Some countries include Senegal, Morocco, Guinea, Mauritania, Somalia. In the video security guards at Randall's speak of illegal aliens being caught with weapons and marijuana and reveal recent stabbing incidents at the facility. It is also revealed that security guards are not allowed to search illegal aliens at the compound.

Why Trump isn’t on the GOP primary ballot in Nevada

Las Vegas Sun

State Republican Party officials forced Trump and other candidates to pass on participating in the Feb. 6 primary by creating rules that required all candidates to participate in either the primary or the caucuses but not both. The state GOP officials further decided that only the caucus results would be used to determine Nevada’s delegates to the Republican National Convention, where the party’s presidential nominee will officially be selected. Instead of the primary, Trump will be part of the GOP-run “First in the West” caucuses, where the Nevada Republican Party and local party chapters statewide are maintaining that the “only serious candidates” are taking part in the caucuses.

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

NY Post

A Post analysis of online flight-tracking data suggests that around 2,000 of the underage migrants have arrived at the airport outside White Plains on 21 flights since Aug. 8. NY post page one 15 Records show some of the planes touched down between midnight and 6:30 a.m. — when a voluntary curfew is in effect — with two arriving from Houston at 2:13 a.m. and 4:29 a.m. on Aug. 20. The clandestine nature of the operation raises questions about how the White House is dealing with a recent surge in unaccompanied minors.

Video Appears To Show Migrants Tucked Away In Hidden Room Under Military Guard At Major US Airport

The Daily Caller

“The room was absolutely packed with people from every continent on this planet,” Moore told the DCNF. “When I took my phone and reached it up above the guy to get a better view of all the illegals in the room, that’s when chaos broke out. That’s when the U.S. Army guy took the phone. It was a scrimmage between he and I in order to get the phone back. And then he proceeded to tell me to get out of there and just made a real big scene out of it.”

Why Burn Books When You Can Bury Them? The White House Pressured Amazon to Target Dissenting Books

Jonathan Turley

Amazon in turn appears to ask only how high the Biden White House wants it to jump on censorship: “[i]s the [Biden] Admin asking us to remove books, or are they more concerned about search results/order (or both)?” After the meeting, Amazon confirmed in an email that it was actively doing what the government demanded in suppressing sales by not promoting disfavored books: “As a reminder, we did enable Do Not Promote for anti-vax books whose primary purpose is to persuade readers vaccines are unsafe or ineffective on 3/9, and will review additional handling options for these books with you.”

Seven US-Trained Fighters Killed In Drone Attack On Occupied Syrian Oil Field


even after the Pentagon on Friday hit 85 targets with 120 bombs. This marked the single biggest US attack on 'Iranian proxies' in the region since the Gaza war began, but it didn't take long for these very groups to strike back. The "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" as early as Saturday announced it attacked bases that house US soldiers in Erbil; however, some local sources have disputed that the attack took place, or at least came near where Americans were housed.

US Strikes At Least 85 Targets In Iraq & Syria, Including From B1 Bombers


The airstrikes employed more than 125 precision munitions. The facilities that were struck included command and control operations centers, intelligence centers, rockets, and missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicle storages, and logistics and munition supply chain facilities of militia groups and their IRGC sponsors who facilitated attacks against U.S. and Coalition forces.

The Sprawling Radio Network That China’s Firewall Can’t Stop

The Epoch Times

For three years, Mr. Chen looked forward to the hours after curfew. With a blanket wrapped over his head and the radio’s metal antenna parallel to his body, he lay still as the vibrating device under his ear brought to life a world outside the prison’s walls. Petitioners, protesters, human rights abuses, a grassroots movement to cut ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—in that tiny murmuring voice, he saw them all. He was free.

Globalists Will Use Carbon Controls To Stop You From Growing Your Own Food


Whitmer used covid as an opportunity to institute some bizarre limitations on the public, including a mandate barring larger stores from selling seeds and garden supplies to customers. “If you’re not buying food or medicine or other essential items, you should not be going to the store,” Whitmer said when announcing her order. The leftist governor was fine with purchases of lottery tickets and liquor, but not gardening tools and seeds.

US Strikes Killed At Least 39, Including "Many Civilians," As Iraq Warns Stability Is On "Brink Of The Abyss"


There are reportedly civilians among the dead. The Baghdad government on Saturday said that 16 Iraqis, among them civilians, were killed - while on the other side of the border the Syrian Defense Ministry confirmed that both militants and civilians were killed but without providing a figure. The Syrian military said that "many civilian and military martyrs" died. The anti-Assad monitoring group, UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that the Syria strikes killed 23 militia fighters.

Oregon Supreme Court Blocks 10 Republicans From Running for Reelection

The Epoch Times

The senators in question, including state Senate Minority Leader Tim Knopp, missed more than 10 days in 2023 while protesting Democrat-sponsored bills on abortion and other issues. Their walkout of about six weeks delayed voting because it resulted in a lack of quorum, or the minimum number of senators needed to be present to hold a vote.

Terror by Night: Who Pays the Price for Botched SWAT Team Raids? We Do

John W. Whitehead

No longer reserved exclusively for deadly situations, SWAT teams are now increasingly being deployed for relatively routine police matters such as serving a search warrant, with some SWAT teams being sent out as much as five times a day. SWAT teams have been employed to address an astonishingly trivial array of so-called criminal activity or mere community nuisances: angry dogs, domestic disputes, improper paperwork filed by an orchid farmer, and misdemeanor marijuana possession, to give a brief sampling.

Carbon Dioxide – The Gas of Life

Dr. Mercola

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is commonly mischaracterized as a harmful waste product of respiration and is falsely blamed for disrupting the planetary climate CO2 is an essential gas necessary for life. Moreover, its impact on Earth’s temperatures is negligible, and will remain negligible even if the current concentration in the atmosphere were to double.

Exercise Away Your Depression

Dr. Mercola

Increased levels of physical activity significantly reduce depression, even among people who are genetically predisposed to the condition, according to Neuroscience News, which profiled a study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital. The research involved nearly 8,000 individuals and found that both high-intensity forms of activity, such as aerobic exercise, dance and exercise machines, and lower-intensity forms, including yoga and stretching, were linked to decreased odds of...depression

Robert F Kennedy Jr Names 2nd Shooter Who Killed His Father with Sirhan Sirhan


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. provides a detailed narration of his own version about the assassination of his father, Bobby Kennedy, former U.S Presidential candidate. Disputing the accepted narrative, Robert maintains that Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian man convicted for Bobby's murder, didn't actually land any bullets. He asserts his father was shot four times from behind, likely by security guard Eugene Cesar, who was hired the day before the assassination. According to Robert, Cesar held strong anti-Black and anti-Kennedy sentiments. Intriguingly, he also self-identified as a CIA agent in several documents, generating suspicion about agency involvement. Despite the conjecture, Robert concedes that this theory cannot be definitively proven but maintains that the evidence pointing towards a cover-up is substantial.

Biden regime expanding intrusive facial recognition scans to all 430 ‘federalized’ airports

Leo Hohmann

The latest CAT scanners, known as CAT-2 units, incorporate facial-recognition technology by capturing real-time pictures of travelers and comparing them against their photo IDs. These units have been deployed at nearly 30 airports nationwide and will now be rolled out at more than 400 “federalized” airports in the coming years, reports MSN. As of now, participation in facial recognition screenings is supposedly optional for travelers, who can choose to stick with the standard physical ID verification process. But there have been countless firsthand accounts from airport passengers who have indicated that they were not given any option by TSA to reject the face scans.

What Is Nikki Haley Doing?

Real Clear Wire

She thinks she might win at the convention and/or a catastrophe might befall Trump. The former president is 77 years old. He turns 78 in June. He is infamous for enjoying fast food and eschewing exercise. Health concerns aside, there are the criminal indictments that are following him around (although it seems increasingly unlikely that any trials will occur prior to the Republican National Convention). I wouldn’t put the odds of any of these occurring and mattering at higher than 10%. But on the off chance that something does happen between now and July, it wouldn’t hurt Haley to have some actual delegates in her pocket at the convention.

The Most Litigious Place on Earth: Disney Loses Major Challenge to Florida

Jonathan Turley

The court found that the law was constitutional on its face. As a result, it found no standing to challenge the law under the First Amendment. As I noted earlier, Disney was effectively saying that a state legislature could not remove special status and create greater uniformity with all companies under this law. Even if there were retaliatory purposes, there was clearly a public policy reason for seeking such uniformity. If the courts were to block it, it would invite a major intrusion of the courts into decisions on the priorities of legislatures. As the court noted, Disney is “not the district’s only landowner, and other landowners within the district are affected by the same laws.”

US To Launch Multi-Day Strikes Against 'Iranian Targets' Across Syria, Iraq


The attacks which will reportedly focus on 'Iranian targets' inside Syrian and Iraq are meant as retaliation and a supposed deterrent in response to the weekend drone attack which killed three American soldiers at a Jordanian base near the Syrian border. The attacks might extend to the Iranian navy as well, in addition to targeting Iranian personnel or 'Iran-backed militias' in Syria and Iraq.

White House Official Gives Tell All on Behind the Scenes Discussions Surrounding Joe Biden’s Mental Health Decline & Kamala Harris’ Unpopularity

The Gateway Pundit

“Biden is definitely slowing down.” “I’m just telling you what I’ve heard… they’re really concerned about it” …“I think they need to get rid of him or her.” “But no one in modern history has ever said, like, ‘We’re not going to renominate the president for a second term.’” Charlie Kraiger @CharlieKraiger, a Cybersecurity policy analyst and Foreign affairs Desk Officer in the Executive Office at the White House, tells O’Keefe “I had a meeting with Michelle Obama @michelleobama …. Someone asked her, ‘Will you ever run for office?’ And she said, ‘No’ Empathically.”

Ex-IRS Contractor Who Leaked Trump’s Tax Returns Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

The Epoch Times

Charles Littlejohn, 38, pleaded guilty in October 2023 to one count of unauthorized disclosure of tax returns and return information. He leaked President Trump’s information to The New York Times in 2019 and shared data on some of the wealthiest Americans with ProPublica in 2020. His crime, U.S. District Judge Ana Reyes said, was the “biggest heist” in IRS history. His sentence included $5,000 in fines and community service.

US Patriot Missile Downed Russian Transport Plane Which Killed 74: Putin


He pointed the finger at Washington and its supplying advanced weapons to Kiev in the remarks by saying it was a US Patriot missile that downed the flight. "It’s been definitively established that the plane was shot down by an American Patriot air defense system," Putin said during a campaign event for his reelection. Zuma press, file image And after Moscow has raised the issue before the United Nations Security Council, Putin said that Moscow "insists" there be an international investigation into the incident. Shortly after it happened, merely within hours of the large transport airplane downing, the Kremlin had claimed 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war had been aboard. Thus it accused Kiev forces of killing their own. In total 74 people including crew were reported killed.

"It Must Be Stopped": 12 Agriculture Officials Warn Largest U.S. Banks About Net Zero Agenda


"This would have a catastrophic impact on our farmers. Proposed net-zero roadmaps describe dramatic, impractical, and costly changes to American farming and ranching operations such as switching to electric machinery and equipment; installing on-site solar panels and wind turbines; moving to organic fertilizer; altering rice-field irrigation systems; and slashing U.S. ruminant meat consumption in half, costing millions of livestock jobs," it continues.

Nuland 'Sets The Record Straight' On US Forever Occupation Of Syria


"Well, first let me set the records straight, the United States is not withdrawing from Syria," Nuland, who is US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, has told CNN Turk. ...At this point, Americans are by and large conditioned to assume that it is the "right" of America to indefinitely occupy sovereign foreign states in the Middle East and sweep up their energy resources. And all the while the ruling class in the D.C. beltway feigns concern for the needless loss of life of US troops placed precariously in far-flung deserts.

The Beltway Judge Hearing Trump Cases and Her Anti-Trump, Anti-Kavanaugh Husband

Real Clear Wire

For months progressives have been insisting that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from any case that involves Trump because of his wife Ginni Thomas’ political involvement and participation in the events of Jan. 6. Those same interests have yet to express similar worries about Pan’s objectivity, despite her husband’s longtime political activism and current opposition to another Trump presidency. Power couples are the lifeblood of Washington so it’s not unusual for political activists, judges, and White House bigwigs to rub elbows at fancy soirees like the October gala at the Kennedy Center. But Max Stier’s longtime ties to the Democratic Party, his access to key Biden administration officials, and his suggestion that Trump represents a threat to democracy at the same time his wife is handling sensitive matters related to the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the former president should raise questions about her impartiality.

Terrorist Caught Illegally Crossing The Border Was Allowed To Roam Free For Nearly A Year, Memo Says

The Daily Caller

The unnamed individual, who the memo only identifies as a member of the Somali terror group al-Shabaab, was released shortly after being caught illegally crossing the southern border near San Ysidro, California on March 13, 2023, according to the memo, which the DCNF is not publishing in order to protect the identity of a confidential source. The Terrorist Screening Center “deemed him a ‘mismatch'” after running his name through the terror watchlist, according to the memo, which was sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

'Army Of God' Convoy Heads To US Border


In the US, a convoy of truckers, calling themselves "God's Army," is preparing to embark on a journey from several locations across the Lower 48 to the southern border as tensions soar between Texas and the Biden administration.

The Spooky Blackout of Border News

Epoch Times

There was an amazing moment last week when the governor of Texas proclaimed that the chief executive of the United States was facilitating an invasion of the United States and stopping the state of Texas from working to prevent it. The governor called President Joe Biden a “lawless president who does nothing to stop external threats like cartels smuggling millions of illegal immigrants across the border.” The Supreme Court had given the go-ahead for the U.S. government to interfere with Texas’s rights at the border. Then 25 states joined Texas in active resistance to Washington’s edicts.

"High Crimes And Misdemeanors": House Unveils Impeachment Articles Against Mayorkas Over Border Quagmire


Mayorkas is accused of: Willful and Systemic Refusal to Comply with Federal Immigration Laws: This includes allegations of repeated violations of immigration and border security laws, contributing to illegal entries and compromising national security. Failure to Comply with Detention Mandates: Accusations of implementing catch and release schemes, contrary to specific detention requirements in the Immigration and Nationality Act.....

Fani Comes Under Immense Pressure As 22 Articles Of Impeachment Filed For "Malfeasance, Oppression, And Tyrannical Partiality"


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may find herself out of a job, after a Georgia lawmaker filed a resolution Friday to impeach her for various acts of "malfeasance, tyrannical partiality, and oppression," after allegations emerged that the Special Prosecutor she hired to go after Donald Trump turned out to be her lover, who she paid almost $700,000 - before he dropped thousands of dollars to take her on lavish vacations.

Mask-Wearing German Judge Acquits CJ Hopkins In 'Nazi-Promoting Tweets' Case


Six months after renowned American author and satirist CJ Hopkins was first charged (and found guilty and sentenced) for daring to dissent against the state's increasing authoritarianism (by tweeting an image of a mask with a swastika image shining through), he finally had his day in (German) court... ...and, in his own words "it went pretty well."

"Traitor": Argentina Paralyzed By Strikes As Thousands Protest Milei's "Shock Therapy"


Javier Milei's honeymoon is over. Two months after libertarian firebrand Javier Milei was elected president of Latam basket case Argentina, pledging to overhaul the economy and openly warning a period of brutal austerity and pain is coming, the initial euphoria is fading fast and is being replace with the shock and horror of what comes next. And sure enough, in the biggest show of resistance to date against Milei, Argentinian workers on Wednesday took to the streets for a general strike, bringing swaths of downtown Buenos Aires to a standstill.

TSA Plans Big Digital ID Push in 2024


The plan is that, by the end of 2024, many of their operational objectives will encompass a digital identity component, a move that suggests an enduring commitment towards streamlining traveler experiences with technology, even though it undermines privacy.

The Patsy: The Railroading of James Earl Ray

Chronicler Magazine

In general I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. A good historian learns that, in regard to controversial events, the simplest explanation is the one most likely to be accurate. I long ago took to heart Napoleon’s maxim that you should not blame on hidden machinations what can be more readily explained by incompetence. Yet, as the ebullient Murray Rothbard used to point out, there really are conspiracies—history is full of them. And in regard to political assassinations, the “lone nut” theory is often less plausible than conspiracy—especially when it is in the interest of the controllers of state power to obscure the truth. They are always more inclined to favorable spin than to truth and justice.