One thing high profile scandals such as Nixons Watergate demonstrate is that a scandal itself rarely brings down a president.  Rather, it is the concerted effort by government officials to cover up the scandal that does.  Why?  Because a cover-up always involves a conspiracy of various persons in government violating, in one way or another, their sworn duty to uphold the law and prosecute illegal activity. 


In like manner, government officials who engage in dark side operations are constantly having to cover up for their crimes. Successful cover-ups of these operations always point to a broad conspiracy at work because higher officials must join in to cover for what lower echelon henchmen did a fact that must be kept even more secret than the crime itself.  The extension of such collusion across government agency boundaries is proof of systematic corruption in government, which is a whole different ballgame in terms of criminal evil than the actions of mere rogue agents.   To cover up a crime that is part of systematic government corruption, the perpetrators must consistently stop or sabotage investigations in a wide range of jurisdictions around the country.  This means many years of cultivating, subverting and corrupting other key law enforcement personnel, judges and prosecutors, all from different agencies..  All of this constitutes high crimes and treason as the very nature of constitutional government is subverted in the process. 


The murder of White House counsel Vince Foster was a classic dark-side operation.  Vince Foster was the man who knew too much.  As a former partner with Hillary in the Rose Law Firm, he was the one person in the Clinton entourage who had comprehensive knowledge of all the personal affairs of Bill and Hillary and their secret financial dealings.  He knew about all of the illegal activities in Whitewater; the lucrative no-risk stock trades made with the help of highly placed insiders; the collusion with the CIA to run drugs from Central America through Mena, Arkansas; the subversion of the Arkansas State bond markets with secret partner Jackson Stevens; and the corruption of the State Police to cover for Bills philandering. 


Fosters danger to the Clintons as a potential defector was even greater since Foster reportedly set up the Clintons secret bank accounts in Switzerland with the help of criminal minds like Marc Rich (the same one who was given a last minute presidential pardon for income tax evasion).  There were indications that Foster was getting cold feet and wanted out just as Congressional investigators were moving in to interrogate him.  Someone above the Clintons decided he had to be eliminated to protect the first couple and the NWO system they were fronting for.  


In brief, Vince Foster was shot by hit men and the body was subsequently taken to Marcy Park in Washington, DC and dumped in the bushes.  An auto-loading pistol was placed in his hand to make it look like a suicide.  Later, someone drove Fosters car over to the parking lot at Marcy Park to make it look like he had driven there on his own.  It was a sloppy hit job.  The perpetrators made lots of mistakes, which had to be covered up later on by falsified and altered government reports. 



Beyond these obvious mistakes made by the hit men themselves, there is ample evidence of official collusion to falsify the evidence and obtain a different conclusion than the original facts would allow.  Among other things:



Starr hired liberal prosecutor Michael Rodriguez in October 1994 to lead the grand jury investigation into Foster's death, assuming he would be a good team player.  Rodriguez testified, I was told what the result was going to be [namely, that it would be termed a suicide] from the get-go.  When Rodriquez insisted on bringing up the facts that contradicted the suicide conclusion, his supervisor, Mark Touhey, refused to allow him to follow up on leads and to issue subpoenas and call witnesses before the committee.  Rodriguez was also subjected to numerous threats from the FBI.  He said, The FBI told me back off, back down.  Later he was communicated with again and told to be careful where I tread.

In disgust,
Mr. Rodriguez resigned from Starr's office of Independent Counsel in the spring of 1995.  He attempted to tell various journalists and Congressmen how the investigation was rigged, but his efforts were met with a wall of inaction.  His story was boycotted by the press.  The threats by FBI agents accelerated to such an extent that he backed off and quit trying to alert the public.  However,  he did allow Patrick Knowlton to edit and distribute a tape recording of one of his conversations about the cover-up. 


I was able to obtain a copy of the transcript of that tape from, where you can listen to the whole recording.  The context of the original recording is not given, but what is clear to me is that Rodriguez was under a great deal of stress at the time.  His sentences are halting and interrupted with many ums, ahs, and pauses with sometimes erratic changes of thought patterns.  I think this interview took place at a time when he was under intense pressure to keep silent. 


What is most significant about the Rodriguez revelations is the following: 1) He is not a conservative, nor was he anti-Clinton, so when he addresses the issue of the evidence pointing to a government conspiracy to cover up the murder, his credibility is high.  2) He correctly counters the prevailing popular notion that for a conspiracy to exist, or to be successful, virtually all of the players, however minor, have to be involved.  Here are some relevant excerpts: [my comments in brackets]


[T]he whole notion of (Special Counsel Robert Fiske and Starr) doing an honest investigation is laughable The FBI conducted the first investigation along with the Park Police.  The FBI reinvestigated Foster's death under Independent Counsel Fiske, then, Kenneth Starr used the very same FBI agents in his investigation The American press misled the American public by reporting that there have been several independent investigations, when, in fact, all of the investigations were done by the FBI.


Everyone makes a very big mistake when they believe a lot of people are necessary to orchestrate some resultsAll people need to know is what their job is, not why be a good soldier, carry out the orders.     . And there are a lot of people from starting at the very night that the body was investigated, all the way down the line, there were, there were, people told to do certain things and they didn't and there and their rationale was that they were following orders, being told what to do. 


Nobody, ah, and this goes for all the FBI agents they all, they don't necessarily know the big picture [about the purpose of the cover-up] they don't know what other people are writing in their reports.  When you write a report all you have to do is make sure that it's consistent with other colleagues [higher up] who have made a conclusion already.  All you need to do is just have a couple of people control the central figures in the investigation.  We don't need all these Park Police and all these FBI agents to know the overall crime.  [End of Rodriguez quote.]