Here is a summary of the latest revelations on FBI cover-up and lies concerning the Waco, Mt. Carmel compound.

There is photographic and physical evidence that the FBI fired M651 40mm explosive CS (tear gas) rounds into the compound, despite repeated denials to the contrary.

One US Army Colonel and one US Army Brigadier General, both experts in special warfare operations, were dressed in civilian clothes and flown from Washington to Waco in FBI aircraft to plan to help execute the final destruction of Waco. These procedures were clearly done to avoid discovery of Army Special Forces involvement, in violation of the legal prohibition of Army personnel being used in civilian cases.

US Army weapons, aircraft and high tech surveillance equipment were used in the attack, without Army markings, also in violation of existing law.

Newly released (by FOIA demand) Forward Looking Infra-red (FLIR) camera film taken by the FBI during the assault not only shows men emerging from a tank and firing automatic weapons into the rear of the compound (to stop anyone from escaping) but comes complete with government pilots describing the movements of the men, dressed in black, as it happens. FBI spokesman Byron Sage admitted these recordings contained tactical conversations of the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) and contained discussions of use of CS explosive shells. These tactic conversations were transmitted in real time via satellite uplink to the White House situation room.

ANALYSIS: For Janet Reno to continue to deny knowledge of this is predictable but beyond justifiable belief. The physical evidence of the use of explosive CS grenades has been in the custody of Texas Rangers for years, but prohibited from being seen by any one except by direct permission of the Justice Department (which was never granted). For the Justice Department to demand jurisdiction over who sees the evidence, is good evidence that they knew of its damaging significance to the official story. The Rangers confirm that the Feds have always known what was in their custody. The cover-up continues today with the collusion of a local federal judge who has seized the evidence and put it under court seal. The two special forces field officers (Col. Boykin and Gen. Shoomaker) are obviously accessories to the illegal Army participation. According to a former CIA officer, Gene Cullen, as reported in The Dallas Morning News, their surreptitious travel arrangements in civilian clothes via the FBI rather than military aircraft was meant to leave no paper trail of their presence in Waco. The systematic lying and official denials from several government agencies points to some form of conspiracy. These arrangements could not have been made except through the highest official channels, since they involved illegal acts of more than one agency. As World Net Daily pointed out, the two officers have since been well rewarded for this and other services to the dark side of government. They have both been promoted rapidly in rank over their contemporaries--Col. Boykin to Lt. Gen. in command of US Army Special Ops (the dirty tricks side of Delta Force) and Shoomaker to CIC of US Special Operations Command (the boss over all Army black operations that Congress has no knowledge of). After reviewing this and other data on a television special, Ted Kopel could not resist calling for Reno's resignation. But that won't help. This conspiracy of government control goes well beyond any individual player. When Reno goes, they will simply give us a "kinder, gentler" face who will still carry out the same policies. The establishment has long learned that all they have to do is make the appearance of doing something and the public will go back to sleep. A Justice Department spokesman told CNN that Reno is looking to appoint an "outside investigator" to look into this matter. It won't help. They have any number of yes-men in the sidelines, like Ken Starr, who will spend a lot of money and make a splash, but won't ever indict the top leaders responsible. They will dismiss a few fall guys in the FBI or Justice Department (who will be quickly hired by big corporations closely connected to the PTB [powers that be], and it will be business as usual.