As usual the media isn't very good at asking key questions that might reveal a different solution that what is desired.

A. It is obvious to most observers that the two teenage shooters had help. Transporting and prepositioning the number of bombs into the school exceeded what two boys could carry in even a dozen trips. Bombs the size of 20 lb. propane cylinders cannot be hidden under a trenchcoat. How did they get them into the school without detection? Taking the bombs into the building would have required numerous trips. This could not have been done during daylight or when the school was open since the bombs were large and impossible to conceal under clothing. They must have had a key or access through an accomplice. How did the bombs go undetected since some were not so well hidden?

B. Live news coverage showed several older "students" (looking like men in their mid 20s) being apprehended early on in the conflict. It was interesting that even as the media kept talking about potential conspiracy in this issue, they kept repeating the law enforcement claims that they "had no other suspects." At no time did any reporter ask them about the persons earlier seen on video being apprehended. Later on as other talk radio hosts illuminated the inconsistencies, the media released the story that the "students" were released because it was determined these suspects were "not involved." Rather than asked how this was determined, the media simply accepted the report.

C. The media barely covered the existence and action of the armed guard present in the school who fled after exchanging a few rounds. He was a bona fide police deputy. What was he doing there? Why did he flee? Why was he not prosecuted for leaving the students undefended?

D. The suicide story of the two shooters went without question. There are important details that the press should have asked. How were they shot? What caliber bullet was found? Strangely, no details about these "suicides" have come forth. Of course, as has been shown in numerous other government cover-ups, it is easy for government to find autopsy doctors willing to falsify any outcome the government desires. Frankly, it is very difficult to kill oneself with a .22 caliber bullet. It is so small, it must hit some very critical area to be fatal. Most attempts by a .22 do not result in a successful suicide.

ANALYSIS: The Columbine shooting has launched a massive media campaign against gun possession, as predicted. The reach of their calls for action even extend to prohibiting concealed weapons holders to carry on school grounds. How in the world do they invent any linkage between concealed weapons permits and this shooting? If anything, a concealed weapons holder could have only helped in this situation. Touting the image of a "gun free" school zone only clouds the issue. Schools "free" of defensive guns (police or concealed weapons holders) clearly are more at risk in these surprise attacks--not less.

The media moguls cried crocodile tears and beat the emotional drums for the victims for days on end--not because of true sympathy, in my opinion, but rather because they were savoring the opportunity of using this incident to help destroy Second Amendment rights. Even more troubling is the potential that agent provocateurs were involved. I find it very difficult to believe that it was simply coincidental that this incident happened at the same time the NRA had scheduled their national conference in Denver. Both before and after the OKC bombing, the government has been involved directly in numerous attempts to infiltrate right wing militia organizations--not with clean cut agents trying to simply monitor their activities--but rather with thug-type criminals paid to induce attacks against the government and otherwise engage in unlawful activities. Virtually every militia organization in the US has numerous documented accounts of government attempts to provoke illegal actions.

The implications of such tactics to create an enemy that wouldn't exist otherwise is strong evidence of conspiracy to destroy liberty. All of my subscribers should read Rodney Stich's book Defrauding America (1-800-292-2831) for one of the best compilations of first hand experiences of federal agents who have had personal experiences with the dark side of government. In Defrauding America, several CIA agents make a dramatic case for the fact that Denver is one of the largest centers of government illegal activity. The dark side of government controls many government, police and financial figures in this area. They operate real estate companies, banks, and savings and loan organizations to launder covert funds. They also operate a special CIA covert operations base out of Buckley Airfield near Denver, complete with a fleet of black helicopters.