The evidence is really quite overwhelming that this murder was committed by government agents (of the �black� variety) on orders from very high up.  There are several books that outline the evidence.  The best one is called �Best Evidence� by David Lifton.  Lifton is no right-wing crazy--he doesn�t believe in conspiracy (at least he didn�t when he started).  He was a liberal engineering student in southern California.  And just happened to take a class on the Warren Commission Report.  The professor was non other than the chief legal counsel to the commission, Wesley J. Liebeler. Lifton dutifully starts to go through the whole report and begins to notice gaping holes in logic and unanswered questions.  The professor doesn�t have good answers and eventually starts to evade critical issues that clearly start pointing to a cover-up.  Lifton spends nearly the rest of his life digging into this mess.  He avoids any conclusions, but they are all to obvious to the savvy reader. 


What comes out so clearly is not so much who specifically did it, but that government agents were literally everywhere covering up the facts, falsifying evidence, threatening witnesses to change their stories, and in every way attempting to manipulate the outcome of the investigation, so that it will point to only one person, Lee Harvey Oswald (who, it turns out,  worked for the CIA).  This is the classic fingerprint of conspiracy: multiple attempts to cover up and change the facts.  This kind of pressure shows up in virtually all of the recent assassinations and murder committed by these government hit squads.  Most importantly, we layman can trace the presence of conspiracy by looking closely at these cover-ups and coercion of witnesses.  Here are some cogent facts uncovered by Lifton and others--just a sampling. 


        Government agents swooped down upon anyone in the crowd who had taken pictures of the assignation and confiscated their cameras and film.

        They altered the Zapruder movie film of the assassination, cutting and splicing frames to change the outcome.

        Secret Service removed and replaced the windshield of Kennedy�s limousine so they could cover up the fact that it had a bullet hole coming from the front (the grassy knoll).

        At least two clean, unreformed bullets were planted by agents--one in the limo, and one on Connally�s stretcher (which was a mistake--they intended it for Kennedy�s stretcher).

        There were at least two coffins being transported back to Washington--the one riding with Jackie was empty--the real one was flown to Walter Reed Army hospital via helo from the back of Air Force One, where doctors extracted all bullets that showed a frontal entry.  They made a huge entry into the front of the neck to extract a bullet that had entered the neck from the front.    A false bullet wound was also created in the back with a pristine bullet showing no deformation, and which only penetrated an inch into soft tissue (the mysterious �magic bullet�).

        When the real body arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital for autopsy, it came in a gray military coffin zipped in a body bag.  Two FBI agents in the room took detailed notes, and described the autopsy physician exclaiming that this body has already been dissected.  In fact the top of the head came off on the table, and the brain had been removed.  The report of these two agents was suppressed by J. Edgar Hoover.

        All navy personnel present were threatened with dire consequences if they mentioned anything they saw.  Some eventually spoke out about what happened when Congress held the second Kennedy investigation.

        The autopsy physician at Bethesda admitted to burning his initial report and rewriting one that he had been �instructed� to write--conforming to the altered body.

        Photographs of the autopsy were locked up and the Warren Commission only allowed artist sketches to be presented.  When the real photos surfaced years later, it was evident the artist had been instructed to alter the appearance of the photos.

        Earl Warren and his Commission had a mandated outcome to arrive at, which they did so despite massive evidence to the contrary.  I believe Warren knew very well what he and others were doing was false.  Arlen Specter was an assistant legal counsel to the Commission and also knew of the need for a predetermined outcome.  Notice where he is today.  The �good old boys� take care of their own.

        A former CIA team member in Dallas, Marita Lorenz admitted in a letter to JFK�s mother that she had overheard various members of her team bragging about how they were going to kill JFK.  She left the team before the assassination, but later on sent the letter of apology to Rose Kennedy. 

        Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby before he could talk about his CIA relationships.  Oswald knew he had been set up for this hit, and the single shooter scenario was foisted upon the American public to cover for the government hit squads--both of whom were former workers with CIA and the underworld.  The close relationship of the CIA with the underworld is detailed in book �Crossfire� (see book list).

        Numerous witnesses were badgered and threatened to keep silent, especially the numerous ones who knew about the shots from the grassy knoll.  Over 20 witnesses who would not change their stories met with mysterious deaths.



I believe the reason the government conspiracy group killed one of their own (JFK) was that he was in real trouble politically, and that his personal life of constant extra-marital affairs left him open to defeat in the next election.  None of his radical legislative agenda was going anywhere in Congress.  I believe they killed him for the martyr effect.  Do not underestimate what I am saying.  In one swoop, they changed the whole political landscape for years to come--his death virtually silenced the opposition conservatives.  Lyndon Johnson won the next presidency easily and Congress rubber stamped the entire radical legislation known as the �Great Society� welfare scheme they had rejected under JFK.