Retired Navy Cmdr. William S. Donaldson III, head of the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals, discovered hard evidence that the FBI not only knew that a missile had been fired at TWA 800 but that they hired several scallop trawlers in the Long Island Sound area to scavenge the bottom to recover and hide the actual missile parts. One of the scallop trawler crewmen recovered the first stage of the missile rocket before the FBI arrived on board and had already thrown it back into the water. The FBI placed agents aboard each trawler with an operations manual showing pictures to show the crew what they were looking for. They swore everyone to secrecy and had instructions to use special coded cell telephone numbers to report discoveries to headquarters. Agents showed one such drawing to the trawler crewman who confirmed that he had found it and thrown it back into the sea. It is probably still down there. The hunt went on for a few days to recover it, but no one has revealed to the public if it was found again. However, Donaldson's investigation hit paydirt when it was discovered that one FBI agent on a trawler apparent left behind his secret FBI instructions, which Donaldson recovered. The found documents were posted on several sites on the Internet for all to see. They provide strong evidence that the FBI not only knew there was a missile involved but that they also knew the specific type--a US built Stinger missile from the Afghan era. These were the same missiles that the Muslims had tried to get the US to buy back or take back from them, which the Clinton Administration refused.

Donaldson's discovery blows away the FBI denial of any missile theory. Heretofore, the FBI has consistently covered up any and all evidence about missiles. They have suppressed witness statements attesting to the missile sightingss as well as other specific forensic evidence. The only other hard evidence made public was the misdirected fax from a missile drone manufacturer to the FBI (received by someone whose fax number was one digit different than the FBI) confirming the serial numbers on the missile part as being of American manufacture. But now the conspirators in government have an even bigger problem to cover-up. Donaldson's finding of the FBI operations manual provides new evidence that points factually to an FBI cover-up of the truth when they denied having no evidence of missile participation in the disaster. So now comes the disinformation squad to defuse the impact of this evidence.

Donaldson's revelations came to light in late April of 1999, published on, the top conservative Internet news site. See the following URL for the complete 3 part story: 19990428_xex_were_missile.shtml So in early May, the government leaks to the Washington Post that the FBI had tried to suppress an ATF report early on pointing to mechanical failure as the cause of the TWA 800 crash. The supposed reason for the FBI intransigence was, as Sen Charles Grassley said, was to prolonged its criminal investigation with fears about missile threats and terrorism that could be used to increase its budget. He claims that "The FBI didn't want to hear about anything but a missile or a bomb, because otherwise there was no FBI case,"

ANALYSIS: This is patently false and puts Grassley into the position of being a shill for government attempts to put a favorable spin on this case. The FBI had the prime role in covering up any evidence of a missile shoot down. It was the FBI that intimidated and threatened missile witnesses. It was the FBI lab that kept falsifying data and denying the evidence of explosive residue on aircraft and interior parts. This trumped up report claiming that the FBI was early on in favor of a missile theory and then came on board the establishment falsified fuel tank explosion explanation is a pure fabrication. Here's the reason: since they would have a hard time denying Donaldson's discovery of the FBI opts manual looking for Stinger parts, they can now say that it was simply part of the FBI's early-on misguided efforts to prove a missile shoot down--which the FBI is now "wise enough" to realize was mistaken! But nothing, anywhere, either at the beginning of the investigation or the end, in actions or in words, points to FBI favoring a missile theory at any time--except in this newly leaked (and perhaps newly created) memo trying to suppress the alleged ATF report. This appears very suspicious to me. In fact, it heightens my awareness of how far and to what lengths the government will lie or create new "evidence" to cover-up any honest evidence of conspiracy that is forthcoming. As long as the press continues to tip toe around these propaganda stories and avoid asking penetrating questions, the cover-up and dumbing down of the American public will continue.