Once in a while a rare source comes forth that adds significant confirmation to my contention that the "fall of Communism" was a carefully crafted deception. This is one of those opportunities to see the truth. Pieces of the puzzle have surfaced in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland (where even the famed Solidarity opposition movement under Lech Walesa was found to be controlled by the Communists). However, the following interview of Petr Cibulka, conducted by Czech expatriate Jan Malina, blows open the fa�ade of deception in Czechoslovakia. I am indebted to Jeff Nyquist for publishing this interview on the web. The original transcript can be found at

Petr Cibulka is a Czech journalist and dissident (imprisoned five times so far) who publishes the newspaper Uncensored News specifically to counter the official information blackout about continued Communist control in Czechoslovakia. In 1992 Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files revealing the names of over 160,000 Communist officers and collaborators still in government positions, and demanded their removal from government and prosecution for crimes against human rights. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from "former" Communist officials in the Czech government under the leadership of the internationally acclaimed and presumed dissident leader Vaclav Havel. My comments in the following interview excerpt are included in [brackets].

Cibulka: "After the so-called �Velvet Revolution,� the revolution that supposedly overthrew communism in November 1989, I asked many times for justice and the punishment of the communist cadres in power at that time. That would have meant a recall from power for all communists and a true public trial for their crimes against innocent people.

"I was unpleasantly surprised when I discovered that Vaclav Havel and Civic Forum [Havel�s political organization] were against my efforts. That was a real shock to me, and I refused to go along with it. I organized massive protests against the leadership of the country's second largest city (Brno) where I lived at the time. After that I found that Civic Forum stands even more against me and against those who were fighting the communist dictatorship. Civic Forum became a great protector of the communist criminals and cadres that remained in power. I also realized, very quickly, that the censorship applied to dissidents remained strong. Therefore we put together the �Uncensored News� publication.

JM: "How long have you been a journalist and can you tell us something about the STB [secret police] files you've published?

Cibulka: "Since the fall of 1990 we tried to publish �Uncensored News� under the auspices of the anti-communist wing of Civic Forum, but that was totally dismantled, liquidated and defeated by the Havel regime. But shortly after that I was contacted by some people from Prague who invited me to begin publishing a true conservative newspaper. We all agreed on working together and in the spring of 1991 we published the first issue of �Uncensored News� in about 70,000 copies. Our newspaper was then published bi-weekly and later as a weekly issue. Unfortunately for Vaclav Havel's �velvet� regime this newspaper was too true and uncensored and was informing people too thoroughly about conditions in the Czech Republic. Our paper debunked many lies widely believed about the November revolution [of 1989] and the fact it was not an anti-communist revolution at all. It was a privatization coup organized by the reform wing of the Russian KGB. It was accomplished in order to install the self-invited �new administration,� turning them into the country's rulers and lawful owners. And that was achieved in full measure by the communists, the STB and KGB structures under the leadership of Vaclav Havel. As a result there was a fraudulent privatization of state wealth that in fact ended up in the hands of communist and STB/KGB structures only.

This was shown fully and accurately in 1992 when, by blind luck, �Uncensored News� acquired and published the names of 160,000 officers and collaborators of the communist secret police, STB, and its Second Department (the department charged with the �struggle against interior enemies�). For the first time the people had a chance to read the truth about the level of infiltration and the level of control of this society by communist and STB powers and structures.

JM: "How much interest was there from the government and also from the public to publish the communist dossiers? Were there any obstacles put up by the state to block publication?

Cibulka: "The public was, from the first day, insisting on a full disclosure and publication of all communist secrets (including those of the Soviet occupation government). Unfortunately, all the people in power, and that means President Havel, and all the others (Vaclav Klaus, Milos Zeman, Dienstbier, Pithart and others) were very strongly against it, against any publishing, against any openings of communist archives, against any punishment of communist criminals to whom they had guaranteed immunity! [The same thing happened in Germany after the �fall� of the Berlin Wall.] In fact, punishment was blocked by this �revolutionary bunch� through a �law� rubberstamped by the Czechoslovak Parliament - a law that in fact guaranteed legal continuity with the previous communist regime. So today it is impossible to bring the communist criminals to justice.

JM: "How do you view President Vaclav Havel and his role in the so-called Velvet Revolution?

Cibulka: "Havel's family used to be one of the richest families in Prague. They worked very hard and reliably for the Gestapo in World War Two. In 1945, after the defeat of Nazi Germany, Havel's family was not charged with collaborating with the Nazis. Almost immediately, it is believed, they began cooperating with Soviet military intelligence and also the KGB and therefore were protected by the communists. Vaclav Havel himself signed up with the communist STB and was regarded as a totally reliable cadre. To this day the Communist Party and the secret police do not regret their decision to recruit Vaclav Havel.

JM: "Can we say that the speech President Havel gave in the early 1990s to the US Congress was a carefully prepared deception based on lies?

Cibulka: "Of course. Vaclav Havel told them then: �If you want to help Czechoslovakia then you must help the Soviet Union!� I think that this is again the same old communist strategy. They're realizing that Western Europe is already under their rule indirectly through communist agents of influence [including the highest national leaders, who are under Moscow�s influence via their membership in the Socialist International] - corrupt and compromised politicians. Western Europe is not a threat to Moscow. On the contrary, Moscow has a strong position there. This is now apparent when we look at the relationship between Western Europe and the United States. At the moment there is no desire on part of most European countries to support the USA�In the spring of last year, as reported by �The Guardian� newspaper in Britain, there was a shipment of weapons that originated from the Czech Republic and ended up in Iraq. What kind of people are running the Czech military industrial complex and why did the Czech Republic, as a NATO member state, send weapons to people that are in total opposition to the United States?

"I'm convinced that the communists and their secret services, connected to Moscow, never lost any power in the Czech Republic. So admitting the Czech Republic into NATO did nothing to damage Moscow's position. Leading circles in the United States have been misled to think that Moscow was forced out of its �former� satellites in Central and Eastern Europe. Quite the opposite is true. Instead of NATO marching East, Moscow moved its borders very far to the West and now it has more power than ever. Of course, the Czech Republic will support the USA through declarations and with words; but the Czech government's deeds will always threaten American liberties and values. �If America continues to deal with communist criminals as it has done over the last 13 years she will be overthrown and victimized for her political and economic errors. [Here is where Cibulka shows his naivet�. He fails to see that Presidents George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. have all known about this deception and have their own globalist reasons for protecting this Communist deception. During the Clinton administration it came to light that Czechoslovakia, under Havel, had keep secret the fact that Russia still had hundreds of medium range missiles in underground tunnels in Czechoslovakia, as well as in Bulgaria. Our current president never made an issue of it and continues to promote the fa�ade of Russian cooperation.]

JM: "Do you think that this sale of [Czech] biological weapons to terrorists was an individual operation done by some unreliable Czech army officers or is there something more involved here?

Cibulka: "I am absolutely certain that the Czech Republic is still being controlled and directed by the Russian KGB. There are no anti-communist heroes in power in the Czech Republic, but only KGB agents and the Czech secret communist police STB. Therefore, everything that's happening in the Czech Republic is part of their plans. I don't believe in the fiction that �underpaid army officers� are behind this. We are looking at a large worldwide communist organization that is systematically working to destroy the United States.

JM: "So we can safely say that, regarding weapons sales from Russia and from other countries of the �former� communist bloc to terrorist nations, the idea that East European military officers are uncontrollable and are selling weapons to terrorists without supervision is totally absurd?

Cibulka: "Yes, that's exactly it! I'm saying that Russia and other post-communist countries are directed the same way as organized crime. When there's a scandal of one kind or another they all say that these are operations run by out-of-control individuals without any state involvement [the �rogue agent� excuse]. I'm saying that these countries are criminal from the beginning and their politics are nothing else but the criminal communist politics of deception. Our �Uncensored News,� before it was liquidated by Havel's regime, devoted a lot of time to monitoring and describing Czech �organized� crime and its connections to the government.

JM: "I wanted to ask about Bill Clinton. There was an article published in a Czech Daily newspaper in 1992 about Bill Clinton's possible co-operation with the Czech secret service. Can you tell us something more about that?

Cibulka: "I've read that article myself. It was written by a former STB agent, a writer for the Czech Daily �Lubor Kohout.� He was able to document Bill Clinton's visit to Prague in January 1970 when he stopped on his way from Moscow. Clinton stayed with the Kopold family. Mr. Kopold, a communist operative, used to work for the Czech Army. The Kopolds are one of the highest communist families connected with Jan Sverma, who died in WWII. This ultra-communist family was very friendly to Clinton and he felt at home with them. Clinton has written many thankful letters about his stay with this communist family in Prague during the Red Army occupation. Clinton of course was not against the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, but quite the opposite. I'm convinced that Bill Clinton has been a communist for decades. In my judgment, his activities as United States president prove it 100 percent. [I disagree. Bill Clinton�s behavior can be better explained by his being part of the globalist conspiracy, paving the way for WWIII and covering for Communist war preparations in the meantime.]

JM: "You've told me that Europe is already under Russia's control. Is there any information that would confirm this opinion?

Cibulka: "There's a lot of information. For example, according to analysis published by �Uncensored News� a few years ago about the Gestapo's �Operation Vampire� carried out at the end of World War Two, and also according to analysis done by French intelligence officer Pierre de Villmarest, the Gestapo infiltrated most of the underground anti-Nazi organizations in Europe with its best agents and gave them instructions to wait until the end of the war to join European communist parties, legislative power structures, armies, intelligence services and state apparatuses and to keep active in implementing National Socialism. This operation was according to every available information very successful; but after Germany's defeat most of the Nazi intelligence archives ended up in the hands of the Red Army. [The communists had their names from the start.] That means the Red Army acquired many Nazi agents that could be turned against the United States [in �Operation Paperclip� the US used many Nazi agents for dark side operations as well]. Of course, the Russians never revealed or made public any information about their agents unless these agents refused to co-operate. Only then are compromising materials published [also by dupes in the Western press]. Those agents who were ready and willing to work for Moscow were supported and protected by Moscow and so their children and family members are still obliged to work for Moscow today

JM: "Are the Russians still trying to install communist regimes all over the World?

Cibulka: "Yes, that's Moscow's basic objective. The communist movement is global, it is worldwide. The communist target is to conquer the entire World. [It�s more complicated than this. South Africa and Zimbabwe are prime examples of nations where Western governments knew that the opposition parties were Communist but helped bring them to power anyway - so the spread of Communism isn�t just a Moscow driven operation or deception.]

JM: "I was surprised that none of the Czech newspapers published President Bush's State of the Union speech. The Czech description of Bush's message looks to me like disinformation or incompetence on the part of local journalists. Can you explain this?

Cibulka: "The entire Czech mass media, TV, radio and newspapers are under control of the KGB's cover companies. The KGB, GRU and all the communist structures did not lose control over the information networks even during Vaclav Havel's presidency because they've known that whoever owns the information monopoly owns the power monopoly as well [as in Nazi Germany and in the US presently]. Furthermore, I think we are engaged in a fundamental fight as to which side the Czech Republic will join in the up-coming Third World War: if the Czech republic will be fighting on the United States� side or against it, on the Russian side." [End of Cibulka interview.]

Again, Cibulka views this as a struggle only between Communism and the United States. He fails to see the presence of a third, predominant force which carefully controls the US government and micromanages these deceptions. This force is the Globalists, who conspire to undermine all national sovereignty and replace it with a controlled, superficially democratic, New World Order - with exclusive powers to use force.


A couple of years ago I reported on the program NOVA produced, entitled "The Missileers," in which NOVA journalists joined forces with na�ve US Gen. Eugene Habiger to tour and film an old and decrepit Russian missile facility, supposedly demonstrating how weak Russia is and how important it is for the US to help "safeguard" Russia�s nuclear arsenal with US taxpayer dollars. NOVA claimed to have gained "unprecedented access to Russia's largest missile base." It was pure propaganda, including Habiger�s wistful references to the camaraderie he felt with his fellow Russian missileers. The base they toured was indeed decrepit, but it was maintained only for show and tell for the benefit of US inspectors and eager media liberals at PBS and NOVA. The disinformation involved is that the show masks the existence of Russia�s top-of-the-line missile facilities (for the Topol M series ICBMs) which are anything but decrepit. Naturally, NOVA journalists and US inspectors are not allowed inside these latter facilities, although US officials have been given a superficial view of the Topol M. Russia�s state of the art facilities are all underground and out of sight of US inspectors.

Now NOVA is at it again, beating the drums about the threat of bioterrorism and the proliferation of biological weapons from the "former Soviet Union." NOVA producer Kirk Wolfinger (of "The Missileers") also produced this new program, entitled "Bioterror." He used the same format, showcasing men on both sides of the war on bioterror and labeling them "bioweaponeers." Much of the information presented is true and beneficial - especially the interview with former US bioweapons expert Bill Patrick and Russian defector Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov (whose name has been changed to Ken Alibek). Alibek defected in 1992 and brought with him intimate knowledge of the Soviet Union's biological weapons program, including Russian cheating on all international treaties related to the ban of such weapons. He should know - he was deputy chief of Biopreparat, the main Soviet agency in charge of bio weapons.

"Bioterror," first aired in November of 2002, concentrates on showcasing the threat (which is real), and spotlights the decrepit condition of the older Russian facilities opened to NOVA. That�s where the disinformation starts. By showcasing the old facilities, the program again gives the impression that Russia is no longer a threat. NOVA makes a big deal out of the claim that "former" bio weapon scientists are "for sale" for practically nothing. But, this is more false than true. Russia still keeps tight control over the terrorist organizations it allows to have bioweapons. Yes, bioweapons are allowed to escape, but not via the free market.

Here�s a critical review on the NOVA special from J. Adams, one of my sources. "The NOVA special included parts where Judith Miller and U.S. DOD officials were in the former Soviet Union to tour former biological weapons facilities in Kazakhstan and other such places (specifically, the Stepnogorsk plant, purportedly the largest biological weapons plant in the history of the world). As they entered the Stepnogorsk plant, they went through a rusted old gate into what appeared to be an abandoned old factory. There was one part where they visited the �anti-plague institute� in Kazakhstan and entered a secret room, never before seen by Western journalists, where there's a bunch of old refrigerators with signs on them, in English, [very suspicious] saying �Plague� or �Anthrax� and the like. They opened the Plague refrigerator and there were old pea cans and soup cans filled with vials of various strains and samples of the given pathogen. There's little sheets of old paper in the cans with listings of what's there suggesting an archaic cataloguing system where something could easily go missing unnoticed. Also notable was the flimsy security of the room that had a simple locked door and a great big window in the back.

"Next, they visited the home of the former director of the Stepnogorsk facility. The director had supposedly been relieved from his job just days before NOVA arrived and so he was seemingly drunk and singing with his dog about what will he ever do now that he has no job. NOVA took the clue and reported about concerns of how these scientists with super lethal bioweapons expertise could sell out to the highest bidder since Moscow can't afford to keep things running. They noted how Kazakhstan and Tajikistan where these facilities are located are not far from Afghanistan and the home of Moslem terrorist networks and rogue states like Iran that could take bioweapons and use them for horrible acts of bioterrorism.

"Needless to say, given my perspective on Russia's deceptive pursuits, I considered what I saw in the program classic disinformation. Why would such flimsy security and cataloguing be used for substances that could reap such tremendous harm on the world by terrorists... including Russia that is supposedly threatened by Moslem extremists angered by the Chechen war? Why would these scientists with such dangerous know-how be left payless and desperate such that they'd go work for rogue states and terrorist groups bent on using biological weapons for terrorist purposes? What is contained in the NOVA program is nonsensical disinformation." [End of Adams quote.]

There was one interesting and candid exchange between Patrick and Alibek which speaks volumes about US claims that it knows today what is going on in Russia: Alibek, commenting on what surprised him after defecting, said, "What was amazing to me, when I came to the United States, I realized I knew practically everything about the United States program." Patrick then responded, , "Right. And we knew absolutely nothing about yours. I never will forget when you started giving me the potential production figures for your various weaponized agents. If you recall, I just put my head down on the table where we were talking and said, �Oh, my God. Oh, my God.� It was a revelation that was just unbelievable to me."

Earlier in the 90s Alibek had told Reader�s Digest about Russia�s multiple violations of bioweapons treaties it signed. Naturally, these violations were never mentioned in the NOVA special. According to Alibek the threat of a Russian attack is greater today than ever. Russia has never disarmed its newest and best weaponry. If Alibek mentioned any of these things in the NOVA interview, they were edited out.