In late February 2023 the Alex Jones show called me and requested an interview on the issues surrounding the Ukraine war. I assumed it would be with Alex as usual, but it turned out to be with Owen Shroyer instead. The result was a disturbing interview as Shroyer has a completely pro-Russia point of view on the war, and went far beyond the normal conservative thinking error that “anyone the globalists are against must be good.”

He actually said that if it weren’t for the globalists attacking him, Russia would rather be an ally of the West rather than China. No thinking person has ever gone that far before. Even though the Alex Jones staff gets my World Affairs Brief, they apparently don’t read it—especially the previous Friday’s brief where I specifically went over the history of the Russia-Chinese alliance going back decades, and how Communism was still alive and well in Russia.

I had to re-explain all this to Shroyer, who had no evidence to rebut me, but doggedly held on to his belief that Putin was a good guy and a Christian who was fighting our globalists in pursuit of liberty. I then launched into a review of the phony fall of the Soviet Union, which he was completely ignorant about, even though I have discussed this at least twice in the past year with Alex Jones on his show. I even mentioned that the Russian defector Anatoliy Golitsyn had written two books on how the Soviets were planning on faking their own demise, which he had not read. The CIA did nothing with Golitsyn’s revelations because at that time they were still in the hidden mode of building Russia and China as future enemies---or at least not exposing their real intentions.

I even offered to review the evidence of the phony fall, but he wasn’t interested. I got a wave of email response from listeners complaining about how ignorant Shroyer was of basic conspiratorial history, and how he continually interrupted me with his protestations about how he didn’t believe me, but had no evidence to back up his “Pollyanna” view of Putin.

He ended by claiming that his argumentative style was reminiscent of “great classic talk radio.” Surprisingly, posted the entire interview despite it being a big negative for Shroyer’s style and lack of openness to evidence, with this intro:

Geopolitical analyst Joel Skousen joins host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to break down the true dangers of the rising tensions with China and Russia leading up to WW3.

Russia and China are against our globalists, but not because they intend to give any semblance of freedom to the world, but because they want to establish their own system of New World Order,” Skousen said. “-Very tyrannical in the aftermath of what is going to become an inevitable World War III and nuclear war. But it won’t start with Ukraine…there will be another trigger even that has to involve China. And that’s most likely either Taiwan or North Korea.”

Perhaps the most irritating aspect to listeners was when he declined to hear the evidence about the phony fall of the Soviet Union. So even though I have covered this several times in past years in the World Affairs Brief, I’ll give new subscribers the following summary:

1. Erik Honeker, dictator of E. Germany admitted on his deathbed in Chile that Moscow gave him orders to let the student protests in Leipzig go forward–proving that the fall was not spontaneous but directed by Moscow. Those protests started the movement by letting people think they were free to rebel, without being arrested. There was always a deep underlying dissatisfaction with Soviet occupation of Europe, but students always knew they would be arrested by the Stazi if they really got organized. All student organizations were infiltrated by the secret police, just as they were in Russia. So, I presume those spies suddenly began to encourage students to organize and protest. They knew the Stazi were told to stand down and would not arrest students. That’s the only way the “spontaneous” uprising could have begun in a repressive state.

2. The Russian press said the KGB failed to capture Gorbachev in his undefended villa. Is that believable? The KGB had overthrown whole governments before and specialized in being able to assassinate at will, and yet all the most powerful and sinister organs of oppression in Soviet Russia suddenly failed to capture Gorby with only a few security guards in place?

3. While the alcoholic Boris Yeltsin was addressing student protestors in Red Square atop that tank, the television stations airing his speech and giving it prime coverage were still under the control of the Communist Party. Why didn’t they cut off the television feed to keep the “revolution” from growing? I watched a documentary featuring Russian students who were part of that protest gathering, and one student is seen asking, "The only thing we couldn't understand was, ‘where were the KGB?’ They were always following us everywhere and tracking everything we did." It was because the KGB was also told to stand down.

4. It was announced that the counter coup against Gorbachev had failed and that the Defense Minister, the head of the KGB, and the GRU supposedly fled for their lives. No one asked the obvious question: "Who were they fleeing from?" When you are the heads of the military, the KGB, and the GRU—who do you flee from, unless you are simply puppets and told to flee as part of the ruse. In fact, each of these heads were mid-level bureaucrats a year before they were elevated to these high positions. Whoever put them there held real power, not them.

5. The same goes for Gorbachev and the entire Politburo. Gorby was a mid level arms negotiator 2 years before being named head of the Politburo, and so were most of the others. Whoever chose them were the real hidden leaders.

6. Those hidden Communist leaders turned out to be the "new Oligarchs" that emerged after the “fall”—Boris Berezovsky and friends, who had the power to tell the Russia state bank to loan them the money to buy up the oil industry, Gazprom, and media companies. Only the real hidden Communist leaders could have had that kind of power over the Soviet State bank.

7. Berezovsky became the head of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), promoting the image of the "peaceful" version of the Soviet Union. But Berezovsky was still the real leader of the “continuing Soviets” as Christopher Storey of the UK would write. A Russian blogger wrote that inside the Kremlin, he saw Yeltsin, Berezovsky and several other high Russian leaders go into a room for a meeting, and Yeltsin stepped aside to let Berezovsky go in first—protocol left over from Soviet days indicating Yeltsin still recognized Berezovsky as the top leader in Russia.

8. Historically, we have zero examples of any tyrannical government that voluntarily stepped down and repented of their evil. They have all been overthrown by force, except this one, which I don’t believe for a minute was real. Erik Honeker also revealed that Moscow ordered he and all other Eastern European dictators to step down from power. All complied except for Nicolae Ceaucescu of Romania. The Soviet created the “National Salvation Front” which arrested him, and held a tribunal where he and his wife Elena were sentenced to death by firing squad in Dec. 1989. He maintained at the show trial that this was all a Soviet plot to kill him—which it was.

9. As further proof, the Soviets never disarmed, though they allowed the US to pay for the massive cleanup of the Soviet bioweapons labs (while the Russians built new ones) and the dismantling of all their older liquid fueled missiles that were outdated. But the US allowed the Russians to keep all the warheads and even built them a new warhead refurbishment factory under the Nunn-Lugar legislation, which the Russians promptly locked US inspectors out of, once complete. The US never complained publicly, indicating they were helping Russia cover for this ruse—part of the long-standing secret policy of building future enemies.

10. The Soviets never told the West even after the fall that they had deceived the West in the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty and had never dismantled their SS-23 missiles, which were later still found in caves in Eastern Europe after the phony fall.

11. The Soviets created leaders who would appear friendly to the West in the Eastern European states in preparation for the fall—two that we know about were Lech Walesa who founded the Solidarity Labor Movement in Poland and who was given a Nobel Peace Prize and Vaclav Havel the famed leader of the Czech Republic. Both turned out be Soviet agents.

12. In preparation for the fall the Soviets put the Russian speaking regions of Donbass and Crimea within the boundaries of Ukraine, so they could have an excuse to re-invade when these Russia people felt threatened. The Soviets also forced hundreds of thousands of Russians to immigrate to the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for the same reason. They are still there and we will see them used as an excuse to invade someday too.

13. Yeltsin the puppet was eventually replace by V. Putin, who met with Berezovsky five times in Berezovsky's villa in Spain the year he ascended to the presidency—showing that Berezovsky was the real behind-the-scenes leader. If Spanish intelligence knew this, certainly they would have told the CIA too, who continued to cover for the phony fall.

Putin eventually had Berezovsky murdered in London and the rest of the original oligarchs jailed or exiled, picking instead new younger oligarchs who promised to give him a cut of their earnings in exchange for protection—making Putin the wealthiest man in the world. Several dissidents have been poisoned during Putin’s reign---hardly the act of a Christian leader.

As for Putin's support for the Russian Orthodox Church, the Orthodox Church never ever criticized the Soviets during their rule because the Soviets had installed Communist church leaders in all the high positions of the Orthodox Church—in a deal that allowed the Church to continue despite the Soviet’s hostility to all religions---except that one.

So, Putin's support for the communist-infiltrated Orthodox Church after the phony fall is not evidence of his being a true Christian. And, as I told Owen, they don't appoint Christians to be a colonel in the KGB. And real Christians don't ban or heavily restrict other smaller Christian sects like the Jehovah witnesses, the Seventh-Day Adventists and the Mormons as Putin has done in Russia. And Christians don't bomb civilians as Putin has done in Ukraine, nor take Ukrainian Children and send them to Russia to be "re-educated."

I cannot overstate the importance of these little-remembered facts that are crucial to understanding the true history and motives behind Russian leader’s past actions because of the important perspective that it gives us on current events.


Conservatives have also been fooled by the appearance of a Western coup in Ukraine in 2014 that overthrew a “duly elected” president, Viktor Yanukovich, an open Communist. This notion disturbed conservatives and contributed to the propaganda that Russia was provoked into attacking Ukraine, and has led to conservatives ignorantly supporting Russia in the Ukraine war. But it wasn’t really a western coup even though the US Endowment for Democracy did give many millions to fund the protest in the Maidan square in Kiev.

Just as the “fall of Communism” was a grand deception, so was the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. The proof is found in the fact that the protest went on for months, bottled up in the Maidan square, and surrounded by the Berkut (Ukrainian riot police). But on the Friday morning when the protestors supposedly won, the Berkut had secretly been given a stand down order, and didn’t show up, allowing the protestors to finally leave the square. Even the presidential palace was left without police guards.

The next day, Saturday, the ruling Left-wing-and Communist coalition in the Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) voted Yanukovitch out of office and the media said he fled Ukraine for fear of his life. How come? The protestors had no arms. And why would the Communist coalition vote out their own president?

The only thing conservative hear about is that Victoria Nuland, a globalist in the State Department was involved in the Orange Revolution, so it must have been a globalist trap. Just as they never heard the contradictory details of the Phony Fall, they never heard about the stand down orders to the Berkut, which could only have come from the Communist president.

Russia is not the good guy in this war, even though corruption is a sad fact of life in both Russia and Ukraine since the Communist bureaucrats were never removed from their positions of power after the false breakup of the Soviet Union. But the Ukrainian people don’t deserve to live under the continuing but hidden tyranny of the Russians—who are still an existential nuclear threat to the West, along with China. Details matter.