Introductory Comments on Conspiracy From STRATEGIC RELOCATION

(Government Threat Section)



This is an amplification of the workings of Group Four--the corrupt law enforcement boys that do the dirty work for the controllers.  They constitute what are referred to as the �black� sectors of our own government, and are linked to a larger sector of the organized criminal world.  This is one reason why the FBI maintains so many underworld contacts. It�s not just for utilitarian purposes of tracking the underworld. They assist each other in numerous covert activities.


Each of the Federal Services (FBI, CIA, ATF, INS, Secret Service, etc. ) have many good and patriotic people working for them.  The good guys are the regular, naive, �want to serve my country� types who are assigned the legitimate tasks of government enforcement.  Virtually every agency head knows about the black side of his organization.  No one is allowed to run these agencies unless he can be trusted to execute the special orders that come down via discrete private channels.  Upper level managers who are part of the conspiracy are always watching and judging both the above ground side and the covert �black� side to see who can be trusted to do corrupt work or who has to be removed. 


They look for signs of unprincipled behavior in those they invite to do the �dirty tricks� stuff.  These guys  carouse, they cheat regularly on their wives, and in short, don�t have any scruples about doing any job for money or future advancement.  These are carefully cultivated and tested with a variety of semi-legal activities to make sure they don�t have much of a conscience.  Once they enter the �black� underground, they enter the world of covert operations--but not just ordinary covert operations (because there are both legitimate and criminal types of operations performed by the same agency).  I do not have the space in this book to detail all the evidence for this, but I will tell you this: 

1.      The CIA runs a worldwide drug distribution net, to finance this black underground series of operations.  Kun San, the infamous drug warlord of the Iron triangle testified of this openly--that his major client was the CIA and he could name names.  Barry Seal was killed after revealing his involvement in flying cargo planes loaded with drugs for the CIA into the famous Mena Arkansas 10,000 foot rural runway (during Governor Clinton�s term).

2.      The FBI regularly assists and covers up for numerous illicit government operations.  Occasionally, critical evidence is falsified in their now discredited forensics labs in order to alter the outcomes of certain investigations.  The FBI played a major role in the cover-up of the JFK assassination, the Waco attack, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the Vince Foster murder.

3.      CIA and Secret Service agents who were part of the �black� underground side, pulled off the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, to make them martyrs for a much larger political purpose.  The killers may not have known the purpose, but those who gave the orders did.


John F. Kennedy was, in my opinion, the first president to be elected who actually knew that he was put into power by this powerful underground group.  He was only a second level person himself however, and quite disposable, as we later found out.  JFK was taken out by the very same leaders who put him in.  The job was carried out by a select group of dirty tricks boys from the CIA, Secret Service, and FBI.  This was the world�s first good look at the workings of the conspiracy.  They made a lot of sloppy mistakes, and got away with it for only one reason--they had enough control over the media, members of the Supreme Court, Congress, and a host of others that they could cover up almost anything.  Their errors were huge and needed multiple cover-ups.  Watching how they did it told me a lot about how extensive their powers are.  Before I go into some details, let me backtrack and show how this gang of government hit-men operates in various parts of the federal security forces.