This Week in the World Affairs Brief


A new arm of coercive control began to be revealed during the media onslaught against Donald Trump and reached full bloom during the manufactured Covid pandemic—government is no longer the only source of overt propaganda, lies, or method for violating constitutional rights. At the beginning of the Covid hype we saw some of the worst unconstitutional emergency powers taking place in individual States (acting on “recommendations” from federal organizations) and big corporations. Those states that declined to follow along were criticized constantly. We will see this same process happen as vaccine passports are rolled out. The federal government will encourage, browbeat, and drive the propaganda to get states and their “private” partners: big corporations, the mainstream media, hospitals, universities, airlines, big box stores, and big tech, to do it for them. All of this is part of the “Great Reset” separating society into those that go along vs. those of us that won’t. Small businesses that get destroyed in the process only play into their plan so they can “build back better” under digital, politically correct surveillance and financial control. This is why Deep State puppets shut down person-to-person business in restaurants and brick and mortar stores—it was to destroy small business and force everyone to buy via Amazon and other big online vendors. The strangulation of retail stores by online sales is already in process and accelerating. As reports, “a whopping 80,000 retail stores are estimated to close in the next five years as the virus pandemic has deeply scarred the economy and resulted in a permanent shift in how consumers shop, that is, online.” With this decline, it furthers society’s dependence on cashless processes, and will facilitate government’s ability to cut off people’s buying and banking access—at least for those labeled as opposing the PC and control agenda. It is the new Apartheid to be fully imposed on the entire Western world and anyone who opposes it will be called a conspiracy theorist, racist or white supremacist. To receive a free one-time sample of the brief, just click on Request a Sample on the left.

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